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Lombard's Landing Universal Studios Orlando restaurant

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Full-service restaurants are listed first followed by fast food, limited dining, and vendors. In each category, the order assumes you enter the park and go straight, turning right and eventually circling the lake clockwise. Universal opens restaurants based on expected crowds, and one or more could be closed when you visit. Some prices rounded to nearest dollar.

Full-service restaurants

Finnegan’s Bar & Grill (Straight in, turn right in New York; on right.) Most storefronts in New York are fake, but a few are real. This one is real. It loses the movie theme inside and replicates an Irish restaurant in Brooklyn, featuring live music at times. A good choice for relaxed dining and waitress service.
Appetizers: Potatoes and onions ($6), Cornish pasti ($6), Scotch eggs ($6), shrimp scargo ($8), Buffalo wings ($8)
Soups/salads: Leek or split pea soup ($4), fruit and sorbet ($11), chicken club salad ($12), steak salad ($12), Cobb salad ($12)
Sandwiches: Veggie burger ($10), hamburger ($10), corned beef ($11), chicken ($11), cod ($11), steak ($11)
Meals: Pot pie ($11), chicken ($11), shepherd’s pie ($11), sausage and mashed potatoes ($11), corned beef and cabbage ($12), beef stew ($12), fish and chips ($13), sirloin steak ($22)

Lombard’s Landing (Back of park in San Francisco area.) Universal’s Studio’s finest sit-down restaurant if it’s open, Lombard’s Landing seems to sit on a pier overlooking the central lake. It has a casual-elegant atmosphere that relies heavily on ornate ironwork, tin ceilings, tile floors, and brick walls. Reduced portions offered on selected items.
Appetizers: Clam chowder or lobster bisque ($5), spinach dip ($6), mussels ($9), calamari ($8), shrimp cocktail ($8), chicken wings ($8)
Salads: Asian chicken ($12), turkey/salami ($12), steak ($12), Cobb ($14), Caesar ($11 to $16)
Sandwiches: Burger ($10), chicken ($11), Asian wrap ($11), steak ($11), fish ($12)
Meals: Ravioli ($12), pasta primavera ($12), seafood marinara ($13), stir fry ($13), fried shrimp ($13), fish combo ($15), fish ($16)

Fast-food restaurants

Beverly Hill’s Boulangerie (Inside entrance on right.) A deli-bakery combo, the restaurant has both indoor and outdoor dining. Ornate bakery items vary in price. Sandwiches come on your choice of croissant or baguette, served with your choice of fruit or potato salad. All sandwiches sell for $8; a sandwich/salad combo sells for $9; a soup and salad combo sells for $5.
Sandwiches: Veggie/health, turkey, roast beef, tuna, ham and Swiss.

Monsters Café (Straight ahead from entrance on right.) While fast food, Monsters as cool décor. Styled as a movie set, the various dining rooms mimic classic horror films, such as Dracula’s castle, the creature from the Black Lagoon’s home, and Sci-Fi spaceships. While closed at time of review, it serves rotisserie chicken, pizza, pasta and salads in the roughly $8 range.

Louie’s Italian Restaurant (Straight in, turn right in New York, on left at lake.) Italian atmosphere with a fast-food accent. On the outside, Louie’s looks like a row of small restaurants; on the inside, it’s a big room with lots of tables. Pizza comes by the slice ($4), as a family-sized whole pie ($20 to $22), or in a salad/pizza combo ($7).
Meals: Fettuccini Alfredo ($7 or $8.50 with chicken), spaghetti ($8), meatball sub ($6.30)

Richter’s Burger Co. (Back of park in San Francisco – between New York and Amity.) Decorated as if a major earthquake struck about one week earlier, Richter’s is a stereotypical theme park burger restaurant, but with lots of windows and interesting style.
Meals: Veggie burger ($7), chicken salad ($8), chicken sandwich ($8), cheeseburger ($8), double cheeseburger ($9)
Desserts: Cookie ($2), fruit ($3), milk shakes ($3 to $3.50)

Midway Grill (Back of park in Amity.) This almost doesn’t qualify as a fast-food restaurant because it has only a limited number of outdoor tables and sells food like a boardwalk vendor at Coney Island in New York. The hot dogs are, in fact, part of the Nathan’s chain that gained fame there, and each is a full meal. They come with fries and, depending on which option you select, topped with some combination of chili, cheese, onions, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, cole slaw, peppers, and/or Thousand Island dressing ($7.50)

International Food and Film Festival (Turn right at entrance on Hollywood Boulevard; near kid’s section of rides.) The upside: This restaurant has a wide offering of fast-food items to please diverse tastes, along with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. Downside: Little atmosphere with a cafeteria feel.
Salads: Fruit platter ($7.30), chef salad ($8), tuna salad ($8)
Italian: Pizza ($7), penne pasta ($8), chicken parmesan ($8)
Asian: Sweet and sour chicken ($8.30), beef stir fry ($8.30), Szechwan chicken ($8.30)
American: Cheeseburger ($8), quarter chicken ($9); sides include cole slaw ($1.50), corn on the cob ($3)

Café La Bamba (Turn right at entrance on Hollywood Boulevard; across from Mel’s Drive-in.) One of the park’s nicest fast-food restaurants, Café La Bamba is, unfortunately, open only during busy seasons – generally summer and holidays. It has mainly indoor seating in a Spanish Mission atmosphere, cafeteria-style service, and decent food. Closed at time of review, it offers rotisserie chicken, barbecue ribs, and more in the $8 to $10 range.

Mel’s Drive-in (Turn right at entrance; end of Hollywood Boulevard.) You can’t miss this re-creation of a 1950’s diner replicated from the film American Graffiti. Early rock-n-roll blasts into the street, and old roadsters line the parking lot.
Meals: Cheeseburger ($6.30 to $7), chicken sandwich ($8), chicken fingers ($8), chicken salad ($8), double cheeseburger ($9 to $10)
Sides: Fries ($3), onion rings ($3.50), chili cheese fries ($3.80)
Desserts: Floats and shakes ($3 to $4)

Limited dining

San Francisco Pastry Company (Back of park between New York and Amity.) Small shop serving baked goods and sandwiches. Dining is outdoors with a limited number of tables. Baked good prices vary in the $4 range.
Sandwiches: Fruit cup ($3), salad ($3.50), ham and Swiss croissant ($8), turkey croissant ($8), chicken panini ($9)

Captain Quint’s Boardwalk Snacks (Rear of park in Amity.) A row-style building with windows selling an assortment of eat-on-the-move snacks, including cotton candy ($2.70), Ben & Jerry’s ice cream ($3 to $5), floats ($4), milk shakes ($4.50), popcorn ($4.50), and funnel cakes ($5 to $6.50)

Schwab’s Pharmacy (Right at entrance; center of Hollywood Boulevard.) Open only in high season and serving only ice cream, this recreation of a Hollywood landmark offers as much atmosphere as food. Ice cream and sundaes run from $4.50 to $7


  • Candy: Located everywhere with a huge store by the entrance
  • Fresh fruit: Various locations
  • Funnel cakes: At New York square for $5 along with fried Oreos for $4, and in Amity
  • Ben & Jerry’s in various locations, including Amity
  • Dippin’ Dots: In Amity area and elsewhere
  • Popcorn, churros, freezes (frozen drinks), soft pretzels, and more found throughout the park
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