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Scare Guide: Sea World

Some rides scare children, either because of the movement or the scenes along the way. Sea World rides are listed clockwise here as “None” (not scary to the typical five-year old), “Some” (scary to a sensitive five-year-old) and “Lots” (bad choice for all five-year olds due to movement or scenes). In general, no Sea World show scares the average five-year old, unless you sit too close to Shamu. Consequently, we list only rides, some of which have height requirements. Further explanation is given if necessary.

Manta: Lots (coaster, though aquarium portion can be viewed without riding)
Journey to Atlantis: Lots (water flume and angry goddess)
Kraken: Lots (coaster)
Sky Tower: None (height fears only)
Shamu’s Happy Harbor: None
Shamu Express: Some (kid’s coaster)
Jazzy Jellies: None
Swishy Fishies: None
Sea Carousel: None
Flying Fiddler: None
Ocean Commotion: None
Wild Arctic: Some (motion simulator, but a non-movement option is available)

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