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Islands of Adventure's Mythos restaurant in Lost Continent at Universal Orlando

From The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s famous Three Broomsticks restaurant to upscale dining in a fantasy medieval world, Islands of Adventure has an array of dining options. To read an overview of in-the-park dining and an explanation of Universal’s Meal Deal option, first read the overview: Eating inside Universal Orlando parks. To turn FAQOrlando or any page into a phone app to use inside the parks, get instructions here.

Full-service restaurants are listed first followed by fast-food dining, limited dining, and vendors. In each category, the order assumes you enter the park, turn left, and circle the lake clockwise. Note that Universal opens restaurants based on expected crowds, and one or more could be closed when you visit. Some prices rounded to nearest dollar.

Full-service restaurants

Confisco Grille (On right inside entrance at the lake.) Confisco is a great choice for decent food served by a waiter at a relatively reasonable price. It features indoor dining with an architectural style that Gandalf and hobbits might appreciate.
Appetizers: Fries ($5), onion rings ($6), nachos ($7), spinach dip ($7), quesadilla ($8), wings ($8), shrimp ($8)
Soup/sandwich: Leek or soup of day ($5); Cobb, Greek, Chinese, or Caesar salad ($11); club sandwich or Tex-Mex wrap ($9); beef or chicken sliders ($9); burger, French dip, chicken, or Italian sandwich ($11)
Meals: Pizza ($9), Italian sausage/pasta ($12), tomato pasta ($13), fajitas ($12 to $16), pad Thai ($15), fish ($18)

Mythos (The Lost Continent) Themed to the water gods, it’s heavy on cave fortress decor and lake views. Mythos offers top dining within Islands of Adventure at a reasonable price.
Appetizers/salads: Tomato or mushroom soup ($4.75), mixed greens ($5.75), Caesar salad ($6.75), spinach salad ($6.75 to $14.25), flat bread ($7.50), pizza ($7.50), shrimp cocktail ($9.25), cashew chicken salad ($12)
Meals: Panini ($9), pad Thai ($11), chicken ($11), fish taco ($12.50), barbecue chicken wrap ($13), crab sliders ($13), pasta ($15), risotto ($16) mahi mahi ($17), salmon ($19)
Desserts: Ice cream ($2), Rice Krispy sushi style ($2), banana split ($3)

Fast-food restaurants

Café 4 (Marvel Super Hero Island) A traditional theme park pizza restaurant with indoor seating and flashy modern décor.
Pizza: Slices of cheese, pepperoni, veggie, or barbecue ($3.90 to $4.30); or whole pizzas ($19.40 to $22.40); Caesar salad/slice combo ($7.20)
Meals: Fettuccini with garlic cream ($7), spaghetti ($8), Caesar salad ($8), meatball sub ($6.30)
Dessert: Fruit cup ($3), cake ($3.60), cheesecake ($5)

Captain America Diner (Marvel Super Hero Island.) A traditional theme park burger restaurant with sandwiches in the $8 to $9 range: burgers, chicken sandwich, chicken fingers, and crispy chicken salad. Also sells chocolate or vanilla shakes ($3 to $3.60) and apple pie ($3). Indoor seating.

Comic Strip Café (Toon Lagoon) An expanded version of traditional theme park food with indoor seating. Range of food may appeal to picky families with different tastes.
Meals: Fish and chips ($8), chicken fingers ($8), pizza ($7), Chinese beef and broccoli ($8), sweet and sour chicken ($8), spaghetti ($8), Caesar salad ($8), fettuccini Alfredo ($9)
Sandwiches: Nathan’s chili dog ($7.50), cheeseburger ($8), grilled chicken ($8), fried fish ($8)

Blondie’s (Toon Lagoon) Cold sandwiches – but a wide variety. “Stacked sandwiches” include ham, turkey, roast beef, or tuna ($6.60), but you can get them as subs for the same price. A Dagwood has almost everything for $7.40. Cookies or ice cream for dessert ($2 to $3). Indoor seating.

Thunder Falls Terrace (Jurassic Park) Rustic but not overpowering, Thunder Falls doesn’t have a strong theme park feel. It also serves some of the best fast food in Islands of Adventure. Indoor seating has a view of the River Adventure ride’s splashdown.
Soups/salads: Cream chicken or tortilla/tomato soup ($3.50), side salad ($3.50), chicken salad ($9)
: Chicken wrap ($9), bacon cheeseburger ($9), rotisserie chicken ($10), turkey leg ($12), ribs ($13.50), chicken/ribs ($13.50). Optional sides include roasted corn, black beans, yellow rice.

Pizza Predattoria (Jurassic Park) Simple food served outdoors, though most tables are covered. Offers pizza, salad, or combos ($7 to $9.40); Caesar salad ($8.20), meatball subs ($6.30)

The Burger Digs (Jurassic Park) Located in a loose recreation of the main building in the first Jurassic Park movie, guests dine indoors in a fake museum setting. Serves vegetarian burgers ($7), burgers ($7.80 to $9.20), chicken sandwiches ($8), and chicken tenders ($8).

Three Broomsticks (Wizarding World of Harry Potter) This well-themed restaurant is a faithful recreation of the Harry Potter books. It has the rustic just-plain-folk feel of a family-owned restaurant in a small British town that relies heavily on hunting for survival, whether guests be muggles or witches. The décor features antlers, bric-a-brac, and natural wood. Expect crowds and perhaps a wait due to its popularity. For $50 ($13 each additional guest), it offers groups of four “The Great Feast,” with salad, meats, and sides. And, of course, it serves butterbeer and pumpkin juice.
Meals: Soup/salad combo ($7), chicken salad ($9), shepherd’s pie ($10), chicken ($10), turkey leg ($12), fish and chips ($12), ribs ($14), chicken and ribs ($14)
Desserts: Ice cream ($4), chocolate trifle ($3.50), apple pie ($3.50)

The Circus McGurkus Café Stoo-pendous! (Seuss Landing) This building that looks like a tent has bold colors, lots of activity overhead, and very few straight lines in deference to Dr. Seuss. A ride – The Seuss Trolley – uniquely enters the “tent” above diners, circles once, and exits the way it came in.
Meals: Cheeseburger ($6.30), pizza ($7), spaghetti ($8), chicken sandwich ($8), Caesar salad ($8.20), fried chicken ($8.30)
Desserts: Dippin’ dots ($4.70 to $6), sundae ($6)

Limited dining

Island Market and Export (On right inside main entrance.) Candy in abundance. Cookies range in price from $3 to $4; candy/caramel/chocolate apples run $4 to $8; gourmet candy, including fudge, costs $3 to $4.50; and a pretzel runs $2.

Croissant Moon Bakery (On right inside main entrance.) Baked goods along with a small selection of deli croissant sandwiches: roast beef, ham, or turkey for $8; and pressed paninis for $9. Soup and salad costs $5, with a half sandwich $9. Breakfast: Continental for $6, cereal $2.50, fruit cup $3, and assorted pastry in the $2.50 range.

Cinnabon (On left at lake after entrance.) Cinnamon buns ($3.70) or pecan caramel cinnamon buns ($4.20). Discounts for multiple orders, such as four for $13 or six for $15. Cinnabon stix sell for $3.30 to $5.30.

Wimpy’s (Toon Lagoon). Closed except on the busiest days, this Popeye character famous for burgers serves, of course, burgers ($6.30 to $9.30), chili dogs ($7.40), and chicken tenders ($8)

The Watering Hole (Jurassic Park) A food pit stop on the way from Jurassic Park to Harry Potter’s world, The Watering Hole has limited outdoor seating: Fruit cup ($3), pretzels ($3), nachos with cheese ($4), chili ($5.50), hot dog with chili ($7.40), or chicken wings ($8).

Green Eggs and Ham (Seuss Landing) It does indeed serve green eggs but only when it’s open, which is rarely. It has only a handful of outdoor tables.


  • Candy: Located everywhere, with larger stores on right side at entrance and in Seuss Landing
  • Fresh fruit: Various locations including Marvel Super Hero Island
  • Funnel cakes: On the left after entry for $5 to $6.50
  • Hot dogs: Marvel Super Hero Island and throughout the park
  • Ben & Jerry’s: Ice cream in Marvel Super Hero Island, Toon Lagoon, and elsewhere for $4 to $5; other ice cream found throughout the park
  • Dippin’ Dots: A bizarre ice cream in little balls found in Toon Lagoon and elsewhere ($4.50 to $6)
  • Popcorn, churros, freezes (frozen drinks), soft pretzels, and more found throughout the park
  • Butterbeer and pumpkin juice in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is widely available from stand-alone vendors and within the Hog’s Head Pub, a full bar adjacent to the Three Broomsticks restaurant
  • Moose Juice and Goose Juice can be found in Seuss Landing. The name says it all, though they actually taste like tangerines, apples, grapes, or watermelon
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