FAQ Orlando

Trip Check List

  1. Decide when to visit. Factors to consider: seasonal costs, crowds, and weather.
  2. Book a tour package or make your own plans?
  3. Make flight and rental car reservations if not driving.
  4. Discuss which theme parks and attractions you want to see (be realistic)
  5. Decide where to stay. If staying onsite at Disney, what type of resort? If offsite, where?
  6. Buy theme park tickets (optional – but it easily takes a half hour or more on your first visit).
  7. Make reservations: dinner shows, sit-down theme park meals, golf tee times, theater tickets, etc.
  8. Pack good walking shoes, rain gear, sunscreen, personal documentation for flying and/or renting a car, and any pre-purchased tickets.
  9. Go to bank and get money. Lots of it.
  10. Once you arrive, find a happy balance between organization and spontaneity.