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Travel Guide: Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Kennedy Space Center night launch Atlantis

A night launch was seen throughout Central Florida

August 2011: Located a little over an hour from Disney, Kenney Space Center attracts science fans and visitors who consider it the one true Central Florida attraction. The Visitor Complex disappoints visitors who compare it to the theme parks, but it’s overwhelming when allowed to stand on its own. While most exhibits fall into the museum-type category, it also offers hands-on info accessible to kids.

For space lovers, the Space Center has a lot of exhibits that give visitors a feel for what it’s like to fly into outer space. For museum junkies, it’s filled with souvenirs from the early days of space exploration to 2011 when the budget for space launches dropped to nothing and the launches ended.

It takes about an hour to drive to the Kennedy Space Center from the theme parks. For more info on the Visitor Complex, visit the website.