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Travel Guide: Scare Guide: Epcot

Some rides scare children, either because of the movement or the scenes along the way. Epcot rides are listed clockwise here as “None” (not scary to the typical five-year old), “Some” (scary to a sensitive five-year-old) and “Lots” (bad choice for all five-year olds due to movement or scenes). Some faster rides have height requirements. Further explanation is given if necessary.

Future World (front of park)

  • Spaceship Earth: Some (darkness only)
  • Innoventions: None
  • Universe of Energy: Some (darkness and big fake dinosaurs)
  • Body Wars (inside Wonders of Life and always closed): Lots (motion simulator)
  • Cranium Command (inside Wonders of Life and normally closed): None
  • Mission: Space: Lots (fast movement and claustrophobia)
  • Test Track: Some (fast and jerky movement)
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Audience (by Journey Into Imagination): Some (large, 3-D animals, for example)
  • Journey Into Imagination: None
  • Soarin’ (inside The Land): Some (only for height)
  • The Land (boat ride): None
  • The Living Seas: None
  • Nemo (inside Living Seas): None (except for a carnivorous fish in the dark)

World Showcase (back of park)

  • Mexico: None
  • Norway: Some (boat ride with medium hill)
  • China: None
  • Germany: No ride
  • Italy: No ride
  • U.S.: None
  • Japan: None
  • Morocco: No ride
  • France: None
  • United Kingdom: No ride
  • Canada: None