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Travel Guide: Scare Guide: Magic Kingdom

Some rides scare children, either because of the movement or the scenes along the way. Magic Kingdom rides are listed clockwise here as “None” (not scary to the typical five-year old), “Some” (scary to a sensitive five-year-old) and “Lots” (bad choice for all five-year olds due to movement or scenes). Many faster rides have height requirements. Further explanation is given if necessary.

Main Street
Walt Disney World Railroad: None
Jitneys and busses: None

Swiss Family Treehouse: None
Aladdin’s Magic Carpets: None
Enchanted Tiki Room: None (darkness and loud noises, however)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Some (one hill, darkness, drunk pirates)
Jungle Cruise: Some (if they believe the animals are real)

Country Bears: None
Tom Sawyer’s Island: None (though caves can be scary)
Thunder Mountain: Lots (coaster – movement only)
Walt Disney World Railroad: None
Splash Mountain: Lots (pleasant scenes, scary hills)

Liberty Square
Riverboat: None
Hall of Presidents: None
Haunted Mansion: Lots (visual only – no movement)

It’s a Small World: None
Peter Pan: None
Carousel: None
Dumbo’s Flying Elephants: Some
Mickey’s PhilharMagic: Some (3-D’s immediacy can be scary)
Snow White: Some (easy movement but the witch moves toward cars)
Winnie the Pooh: None
Mad Tea Party: Some (but many five-year olds love the spinning)

Mickey’s Toontown
Goofy’s Barnstormer: Some (coaster for kids)
Minnie’s House: None
Mickey’s House: None
Donald’s Boat: None
Walt Disney World Railroad: None

Indy Speedway: Some
Monsters, Inc.: None
Stitch’s Great Escape: Lots (darkness, surprise sounds)
Buzz Lightyear: None
Transit Authority: None
Carousel of Progress: None
Astro Orbiter: Some
Space Mountain: Lots (coaster in the dark)