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Disney’s Hollywood Studios survival guide

Disney Hollywood Studios Tower of Terror Orlando

The Tower of Terror … well … towers over Disney Hollywood Studios

April 2012: Disney’s smallest park requires less walking, but crossing it more than one time still makes it a long day. Consider the following tips before you go:

Read the general park-touring tips.

Arrive early. The park has fewer rides and can be seen in less than a full day, but most people hang around for Fantasmic!, which generally takes place at park closing in a huge theater that can seat a majority (but not all) of the park’s daily visitors.

Skip Fantasmic! If visiting for two days, skip the big nighttime show and ride the attractions. The show usually takes place at park closing, but guests line up one or two hours before the performance.

See the second showing of Fantasmic! During busy seasons, the show is performed twice, and the second show invariably has a smaller audience. If you saw the first show, rides lines will be shorter with the exception of Rock ‘n Roller and Tower of Terror, which are a 60-second walk from where Fantasmic! guests file back into the park.

Fast Pass Tower of Terror. Ride Rock ‘n Roller, then return to Tower of Terror. Or vice versa.

See shows first and ride later. Guests tend to ride first and see shows (Indiana Jones, Beauty and the Beast, etc.) second, making lines longer at later performances

Check for specialty weekends. If you love Star Wars, for example, plan to visit on one of the Star Wars weekends. If you hate Star Wars – or any other special weekend theme – avoid themed weekends. Themes draw bigger crowds.

Rides with long lines that should be enjoyed early or Fast Passed. Toy Story Mania, Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and Rock ‘n Roller Coaster.

Attractions with medium lines. Studio Backlot Tour, Playhouse Disney, The Great Movie Ride (line could get long, but it moves fast and is mainly indoors), and Beauty and the Beast. (Note that line length is relative – in the busiest days, a medium line will feel like a long line.)

Rides with short lines. Journey into Narnia, Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream, and The Magic of Disney Animation

Check ride wait times at one spot. Located one block inside the park at the corner of Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard.

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