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Smoking in Orlando parks

Smoking in Orlando theme parks Disney Magic Kingdom

You can smoke cigarettes in all seven major Orlando theme parks – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Sea World – but only in designated areas.

If you smoke, here’s what you need to know:

  • Each park has 9 – 12 smoking areas. It’s not worth memorizing locations, though, because A) they sometimes change, and B) the guide map at the entrance notes all of them on the day you visit. When an urge to smoke hits, pull out the map and look for the closest one.
  • All designated smoking areas are outdoors, making it a challenge on rainy days. If you’re a heavy smoker, carry a big umbrella.
  • Smoking areas tend to be slightly beyond a main walkway; many are under shade trees and offer a break from the crowds. Some, however, offer no shade. Wear sunscreen or use that umbrella to block the sun.
  • Florida law prohibits smoking inside restaurants and bars that serve food. Some restaurants outside the theme parks have covered outdoor seating that allows smoking. However, none do inside the parks.
  • Some people sneak cigarettes outside the official designated areas. While not allowed, guests tend to get away with it if A) they’re off to the side and away from walking crowds, B) an employee doesn’t see them, and C) they’re discreet. It’s not an offense punishable by park removal, but an employee will ask you to put it out.
  • You cannot buy cigarettes inside a theme park. Plan ahead. Many resorts sell cigarettes, though leaving a park and returning takes time and energy – but, of course, a smoker without cigarettes will consider it worth the journey.
  • Many smaller attractions at Walt Disney World also limit smoking, including Wide World of Sports, the main golf courses, and the two miniature golf courses.
  • Many area hotels offer smoking rooms – but ask when booking.
  • Cigarettes are widely available in convenience stores throughout the Orlando area but not cheap. Expect to pay around $5 per pack.
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  1. Kate Tippett says:

    It is the epitome of selfishness to smoke a known carcinogen in a Park filled with children.

  2. aguyinnc says:

    It’s the epitome of righteousness to preach to people on the internet, the areas are well enough out of the way to avoid with your precious children who are no doubt breathing the polluted air….

    TL:DR kiss off lady

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