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FAQOrlando Park Guides: How to use them

SeaWorld Orlando main entrance

SeaWorld Orlando's lighthouse marks a divide between land (parking lot) and the sea (theme park)

Each FAQOrlando park guide organizes need-to-know park info (Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom; Universal Orlando’s Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure; and SeaWorld Orlando) in a single location. Each has five sections:

• Park overview: Looking at seven Orlando parks and wondering which ones to attend? Or which one to avoid because you don’t have the time? This tool helps.

• Survival Guide: Tips and tricks for saving time and money inside each park.

• Ride Guide: This section provides quick info on each ride within a single park – an ideal tool to use inside the parks. It explains the type of ride (coaster, theater, etc.), and uses a rating system – one to five diamonds – to show a ride’s “must-see” value, along with average wait time, amount of movement, and scariness to the typical five-year old. It also lists height restrictions, and whether the ride offers a baby swap or single-rider line. If a Disney World ride offers Fast Pass, it’s listed here too.

• Ride Describe: Some people want more than a checklist to decide if they or their kids should ride. Visitors who like to be surprised should refer only to the Ride Guides and skip this one. Those who worry about sensitive kids (or adults) should first read the Ride Describe section.

• Dining Guide: Use the Dining Guides section if making a reservation before arrival, but also refer to it for fast food options inside a park. The Dining Guides list all restaurants by type of service and include sample prices and menu items.

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