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Eating inside Sea World

Spice Mill Sea World Orlando fast food restaurant

The Spice Mill at Sea World offers indoor and outdoor dining by the lake

Sea World has dinner shows, one full-service restaurant (that abuts a massive shark tank), a number of fast food stops, and limited food items sold in stores or by vendors. For descriptions of each restaurant inside the park, go to Sea World Dining. To make FAQOrlando a phone app to use inside the park, click here.

Things to know

  • Full-service restaurant: Sea World has but one. For reservations, stop by early in the day.
  • Reservations: Call (888) 800-5447 for more information or dinner show dining.
  • Fast-food restaurants: All take credit cards and sell at least beer. Quality varies. Most have a cafeteria-style line and guests pay on the way out.
  • Kid menus: Virtually all restaurants post a separate kids’ menu.
  • Desserts: Fast-food restaurants don’t list them on the posted menu, but they offer a tempting array as you wind through the queue.
  • Vendors: Found throughout the park in stores and semi-permanent street-side carts, they sell everything from turkey legs to popcorn to ice cream.
  • Alcohol: Beer is sold almost everywhere, and Sea World has a few specialty bars.
  • Text questions. Text any question to “SWFinfo.” It’s a free service though your phone plan’s text messaging rates apply.

All-Day Dining Deal
Sea World’s all-you-care-to-eat deal differs from Universal Studio’s Meal Deal in three ways: Sea World offers A) more restaurants through the plan and B) better food, but C) you pay more to get it. At $30 for adults ($31.80 with tax) and $15 ($15.90 with tax) for kids 3 to 9, vacationers can enjoy as many meals as they want (1 entrée, 1 side, and 1 beverage per trip through the line) at any of six restaurants: Seafire Inn, Voyagers Smokehouse, Spice Mill Café, Terrace Café, Mango Joe’s Café, and Seaport Pizza.

Worth it? The most expensive menu meal a la carte is about $16, though many entrees tend to be around $9. Add a beverage, a side salad, and sales tax, and the cost is somewhere between $16 and $23 for each adult meal. That makes the All-Day Dining Deal a slight bargain if you enjoy at least two meals while inside the park. Pack in three meals, and at least one of them is free.

Extra costs: You pay more for alcohol, of course; and a number of restaurants offer a souvenir item, such as a Shamu-shaped bowl filled with cookies. The cookies are included in the dining deal – the Shamu bowl is not. Don’t care? Try telling your kids that they can’t have the four cookies in a killer whale bowl – they can only have the cookies on the paper plate.

For more information on All-Day Dining Deal, visit Sea World’s website.

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