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Driving safely in Orlando

Curious George car Universal Studios Orlando

Many Orlando drivers don't know what they're doing, as Universal Studio's Curious George can attest

May 2012: In most larger U.S. cities, a handful of drivers make it tough on everybody else – and Orlando is no exception. However, it gets worse around the theme parks. Imagine a good driver who is A) stressed because he’s out of his comfort zone, B) not sure where he’s going, and C) scared that if he gets lost he’ll never find his way back.

Throw into the mix excited kids in the backseat, five-lane highways, and last-minute decisions. (“OMG, there are 16 parking toll booths at the entrance to Epcot, and some are 10 cars deep. Should I cut across eight lanes to get to the line on the end? Can I slide around that van?”)

Every Orlando resident has a story that starts out, “I was driving in the tourist area, and …” Some near-miss tale then follows.

Safety advice

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