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Ride Describe: SeaWorld Orlando

Clyde and Seamore SeaWorld Orlando theater crowd

September 2011: The Ride Describe guides tell you everything important about a single park’s rides, including details that could ruin the experience for people who want to be surprised. If that’s you, go directly to the Ride Guide. The Ride Describe for Sea World is ideal, however, if you want a complete overview in order […] Read more...

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Ride Guide: SeaWorld Orlando

Journey to Atlantis Sea World Orlando boat

September 2011: Once inside the Sea World gates you can turn left or right, but the Sea World Ride Guide assumes you travel left and circle the lake counterclockwise. (If you turn right, read from bottom to top.) However, a clear clockwise path gets a bit muddled on the left side of the lake, so the […] Read more...

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Universal Halloween Horror Nights 21

Lady Luck 2011 Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights lives up to the hype – almost. On the one hand, it’s really just the Orlando version of a haunted house, which can be found in every American city each October. However, Halloween Horror Nights is the gold standard of haunted houses, even though they’re not all houses and they’re not […] Read more...

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Legoland Florida opens

Legoland Florida safari Lego hippo elephant

If you’re older than 12, you’re too old for Legoland, but it might be worth a trip anyway. The park opens to the public – it has a “soft opening” right now, which means invited guests and employees – on Oct. 15, 2011. This is not a first-hand account of the park, nor a review […] Read more...


Photos: Fantasyland construction

Fantasyland construction Disney's Magic Kingdom expansion

gre argument essay October 2011: This is a photo tour for 2012 guests who want to see how Fantasyland in Disney’s Magic Kingdom is coming along. Many of the buildings now have a shape and can be identified. For more info on the new park, Von das pflegt ich der scherzartikel viagra verpackung werden heute […] Read more...

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What if an airline ticket price drops after you paid for it?

Orlando International Airport OIA MCO

penis growth October 2011: If you can’t predict the future, booking an airline ticket is a gamble. Rates could drop or rates could go up. But what happens when you take an intelligent gamble that they won’t go any lower, book an airline ticket to Orlando, and then discover that you could have saved $100 […] Read more...


Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream

Howl-O-Scream Busch Gardens Tampa

resume writing services nyc “The Dark Side of Busch Gardens” takes its cue from Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, but the scares in Tampa are as real as the ones in Orlando. Both parks have three major elements: Haunted houses to explore, scary rides to enjoy (coasters mainly), and zombies walking the park, especially in areas […] Read more...


Disney developing new land based on ‘Avatar’

Avatar Pandora Disney World Animal Kingdom

how to treat lipoma September 2011: Avatars and their home planet, Pandora, arrive in Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom around 2016. If you’re one of the six people alive who have not seen Avatar yet, Avatars appear to be very tall, very blue humans with pale stripes and well-toned, Jenny Craig bodies. And Pandora looks […] Read more...

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Ride Guide: Universal Studios

Jaws ride boat Universal Studios Orlando

April 2012: Universal Studios’ rides generally circle a lake. This Ride Guide assumes you walk straight in and bear right when you must. If you start by turning right inside the gates, read everything in reverse. For an explanation on reading the park Ride Guides, click here. For the Ride Describe guide, click here. Note: […] Read more...

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Ride Describe: Universal Studios

RIp Ride Rockit Universal Studios Orlando roller coaster

April 2012: This Universal Studios Ride Describe explains everything important about the rides, including details that could ruin the fun for people who want to be surprised. This Ride Describe is ideal, however, for visitors who want a complete overview before deciding what to see – and what to avoid. The descriptions assume you ride the […] Read more...