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Orlando area golf

February 2013: Golf is a world unto itself. Information on a specific course should include a rating, statistics, insights, location, cost, style, and more. With many Orlando courses within 30 minutes of the tourist attractions, it’s a challenge for a single website to do them justice, much less a webpage. Rather than duplicate a complete […] Read more...

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Unsure travel insurance

Earforce One Walt Disney plane Hollywood Studios Orlando

January 2013: Is travel insurance a good idea? Maybe, maybe not. First, crunch some numbers. A tour package may have set cancellation penalties in the back of the brochure, but hotels can usually be cancelled within 24 hours. If you’re not traveling for four months, why take out insurance that covers a hotel? Make sure […] Read more...


New Fantasyland debuts – sorta

Beast's castle Fantasyland Magic Kingdom Orlando

The now-official expansion of Disney’s Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom is painfully unfinished. That’s not criticism so much as observation. Disney hides its construction – its works-in-progress – behind eight-foot wooden walls. And Fantasyland still has enough wooden walls to build an army of Pinocchios. Most painful: The under-construction and massive roller coaster themed to […] Read more...

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SeaWorld Orlando prices match Disney’s

Sea World Orlando entrance boats clear water

treatment for genital warts’>treatment for genital warts November 2012: Without multiple parks to draw repeat business, SeaWorld Orlando has traditionally charged a little less for admission than Disney or Universal. However, that changed this week, suggesting Orlando’s third wheel has high expectations for its newest attraction, “Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin,” an expansive multi-thrill ride […] Read more...


Disney NextGen’s next step

October 2012 – The Orlando Business Journal reports that Disney filed a request with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FTC) for a radio-frequency wristband. (In the US., the FTC must approve new radio-wave bands.) The current name for the wrist-radio (shades of Dick Tracey) is Magic Bands, and Synapse Product Development LLC in Seattle is […] Read more...


Lines: Disney’s small but significant change

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Disney's Magic Kingdom

September 2012: Disney’s Fantasyland expansion and even Harry Potter continue to grab Orlando theme park headlines, but a less-flashy upgrade may actually do more to boost line-ravaged vacationers’ spirits and increase the overall “I had a great time in Orlando” reviews: The queue lines have grown more interesting. Parks have long stuck a few televisions […] Read more...


Magic Kingdom to serve alcohol

Beauty and Beast Fantasyland expansion Disney Magic Kingdom Orlando

September 2012: It’s official: The Magic Kingdom at Disney World will serve alcohol. A few people will love that; some people will hate it; most won’t care. Still, it marks a significant change from Walt Disney’s legacy. More so than the other parks, Walt wanted to keep his Magic Kingdom G-rated, or at least PG, […] Read more...


Halloween 2012 Orlando

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Orlando

write my essay for me September 2012: Halloween Horror Nights returns to Universal Studios for its 22nd year. No haunted house, haunted field of corn, or haunted anything touches Universal Studios for nailing the true spirit of All Hallows Eve, and Horror Nights put Orlando on the Halloween map. The true sights and sounds of […] Read more...


New Fantasyland opens Dec. 6

Storybook Circus Fantasyland Magic Kingdom Disney World Orlando

  But it really opens Nov. 19ish. Walt Disney World’s massive expansion has already opened in phases – it has an extra Dumbo ride moved to a new location and water section, for example – but the majority of it debuts (minus Dwarf mine coaster) just before the 2012 holidays. Orlando theme parks traditionally have […] Read more...

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Disney NextGen – and WiFi – debut in park

   This is scary and exciting depending on your perspective: Disney rolled out WiFi in the Magic Kingdom, a major element of its NextGen upgrade. “The future is here” is an overused ad blurb. But for Disney, it’s true. The Wifis give visitors quick Internet access, but the true upgrade is Disney’s smartphone app empowered […] Read more...