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Universal to update rides

Spiderman ride Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman anchors Islands of Adventure's Superhero Island

Island of Adventure’s Spiderman – one of Orlando’s coolest rides tech-wise – will get a facelift soon. And Universal Studio’s Jimmy Neutron ride will soon nix Neutron and focus on the movie “Despicable Me.” While Universal is billing the latter as a new ride, it’s really the third incarnation of a ride that began as a Fred Flintstone-George Jetson “ride the cartoon” attraction prior to taking on Jimmy Neutron.

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman
Most Orlando rides tend to focus on one type of technology, but Spiderman changed the formula by combining 3-D movies into a ride with carts that moved up, down, forward, and even stopped. With movement and 3-D, Spiderman is more immersive than most rides, and makes the audience feel as if they’re part of the action. In a final sequence, the audience falls 30 stories and, given the fact that you don’t actually fall, it does a great job faking it.

Universal isn’t messing with a good thing in its Spiderman update; it’s doing something all the parks should have done before now – bringing the 3-D technology up to speed. Local movie theaters have used high-quality 3-D for years, making park attractions feel dated both at Universal and Disney. But Spiderman will change that. Hopefully, other rides will follow.

“Despicable Me” ride
Universal Studios created a movie theater with seats that move. Individual sections of perhaps 20 seats independently dip, dive, and swirl depending on the things visitors see in the movie. As time passes, the park has upgraded the cartoon depending on what’s currently hot. The “ride the cartoon” part stays; the cartoon itself changes.

However, this third incarnation will be in 3-D, which should make it even better. “Despicable Me” involves a mad scientist and his little yellow, tube-shaped minions. While Universal has not disclosed the plot, the audience, apparently will be one of the minions.

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