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SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular

SeaWorld Halloween Spooktacular Orlando 2011

At SeaWorld, even the fish costumes are friendly - no sharks, no barracudas

For many families, SeaWorld is the top choice for Halloween family fun for a simple reason that doesn’t make it onto billboards: It doesn’t cost anything beyond admission to the park. And while SeaWorld clearly gears the celebration to kids, adults get one perk they lost somewhere around the age of 10: They can collect candy too.

Visit Disney or Universal during the day, and you’ll see nice Halloween decorations, but that’s it – no trick or treating, no celebrations, no parades. To celebrate all things zombie and vampire, the other parks make you pay a separate admission price, come back in the evening and stay until 2 a.m. While Sea World’s Halloween Spooktacular doesn’t take over the entire park, it eats up sufficient land and has enough costumed characters to make satisfy everyone younger than 12. Kids can wear costumes, collect candy, take a photo with brightly costumed adults, and Hokey-Pokey or Chicken Dance with the pumpkin lady.

The Halloween celebration exists mainly in one area – to your right as you enter Sea World – and it qualifies as a themed section unto itself, running through the kid-friendly ride area and along Sea World’s large lake. As entertainment, the park’s festivities compare more to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary-party than Universal’s PG-13-rated gorefest.

If vacationing, consider a change of clothes for kids. It can be a long day dressed like Darth Vader. Also consider the Halloween party a separate function that can take up to an hour if you opt for all the extras, such as sand art (extra fee) or make-your-own candy apple (also extra).

For more info and to play some online games, visit SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular website.

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