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SeaWorld Orlando prices match Disney’s

.jpg” alt=”Sea World Orlando entrance boats clear water” width=”601″ height=”450″ /> The entrance to Sea World mimics a Caribbean island, though one with killer whales near the dock

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November 2012: Without multiple parks to draw repeat business, SeaWorld Orlando has traditionally charged a little less for admission than Disney or Universal. However, that changed this week, suggesting Orlando’s third wheel has high expectations for its newest attraction, “Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin,” an expansive multi-thrill ride to the land of flightless birds in tuxedos.

It’s SeaWorld’s second price increase this year, and it’s the first time it has matched Disney and Universal in ticket prices. The logical conclusion: The ocean-themed park is really, really excited about its new ride and confident it will draw a crowd.

Effective immediately, a one-day adult admission costs $89 plus tax; a two-park pass (includes Busch Gardens Tampa Bay) costs $139.

In addition, a swim day at SeaWorld’s Aquatica water park now costs $55, a roughly $5 increase.

However, the biggest hit will go to people who live near Orlando and opt for annual passes. A basic annual pass increased about 25 percent – to $119.99.

To save $10 per ticket, buy them online before arrival. The discount rate hasn’t changed under the new price structure. Florida residents can still buy a “Fun Card,” which allows admission all year for the price of a single day – but parking isn’t included.

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