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Sea World ticket prices go up

Waterfront at Sea World Orlando

Sea World Orlando focuses on oceans and countries known for fishing and beaches

Sea World Orlando announced a $1 increase in daily ticket prices, though Orlando’s third-wheel park’s fee falls a few dollars short of nearby Disney and Universal at $79.99 (plus tax) for a single day’s admission, or about $2 less than a Disney World park or Universal Studios. Sea World – which many times gets short-changed in the “what-should-we-do-on-vacation” department – considers the slightly cheaper price another marketing tool to attract guests away from the nearby competition.

Sea World’s ongoing challenge, however, is not the one-day ticket price. It’s the second-day ticket. Or third or fourth. As Disney and Universal make extra days grow increasingly inexpensive, tourists with a yen to visit Sea World many times opt for day No. 5 at Disney because, by that point, day No. 5 is a relative bargain at perhaps only $15 per family member.

Beyond price, however, Sea World stands up well to its deep-pocket competition, and execs continue to tinker with ways to attract more guests. With free beer now out of the picture – sorry, Dads – it has one less weapon in its marketing arsenal.

In addition to the one-day ticket, Sea World also adjusted other admission tickets, many of which apply only to Florida residents. At its sister park almost two hours away, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, ticket prices rose to $77.99.

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