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It’s easy to find out why tourists vacation in Florida – harder to find out why they don’t visit. The University of Florida (UF) conducted a study, however, and found the No. 1 reason people nixed a yearly family vacation is (drum roll, please): They don’t have enough money.

Shocking, huh? But in comparison, other vacation fears are small potatoes.

Most of the 67% of respondents who cited the recession and financial stress weren’t out of money.  They primarily worried about what-ifs: What if we have an expensive medical problem? What if appliances or cars suddenly break down?

“In a recession, people are (also afraid to leave) their job,” says Lori Pennington-Gray, director of UF’s Tourism Crisis Management Institute. “They might not have a job when they get back. They might have seen their colleagues lose jobs, so they feel compelled to keep on working and not take a vacation.”

Other reasons people opted to skip their next vacation:

  • 19.1% were “too busy”
  • 10% said “too much hassle at airports”
  • 7.7% feared H1N1 or swine flu
  • 7.2% did not have a travel companion
  • 6.2% worried about personal safety
  • 5.3% feared terrorism

For the study, respondents could give more than one answer.

The study was not conducted just to satisfy academic curiosity. By focusing on the apprehensions of tourists, UF’s Tourism Crisis Management Institute hopes to figure out ways to make travel more appealing, Pennington-Gray says.

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