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Make FAQOrlando a phone app

make FAQOrlando a phone app

It's easy to make FAQOrlando.com into a smart phone app

FAQOrlando.com is on the cutting edge of phone apps. (Hector, the technical half of our web team, says so and I trust him.)

In the beginning and today, phone carriers act as a clearinghouse for phone apps, accepting proposals and approving ones that meet some internal standard. However, the newest phones allow users to turn any website into an app – and this is the cutting edge part:

FAQOrlando.com is optimized for app transformation.

First step: Bring up FAQOrlando.com on your phone’s browser and go to the page you want to call home. In our case, that would be the home page if you want quick access to the latest articles, the travel guide if you want a logical organization by topic, or perhaps the Scare Guide and Movement Guide if seeking ride advice while you’re inside the parks.

Next, find the button that says something like “Add to home screen.” On the iPhone, you touch the “+” sign at the bottom and a menu pops up with “Add Bookmark,” “Add to Home Screen,” and “Mail Link to this Page.” (Feel free to use “Mail Link” if you have friends visiting Orlando soon.)

Select “Add to home screen,” and you’re done. Our magnifying glass icon should appear in your set of apps, and a tap sends you to your preferred webpage. If you want single-touch access to different pages, make two apps.

However, you only need one app for easy navigation because FAQOrlando.com is “on the cutting edge of phone apps.” Click “Menu” on the top right of an iPhone screen and the dropdown menu provides a fast connection to everything on FAQOrlando.com’s website.

Questions or suggestions? Hector’s the go-to guy for this one. I report the changes; he understands how and why they work.

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