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Florida's semi-flat terrain turns every low-lying area into a lake or stream

Florida has almost every fishing environment known to man, from small streams to on-the-ocean trophy hunts. To find an ideal spot in the Orlando area or a nearby ocean – Cocoa Beach is about a 55-minute drive – refer to the state’s newest visitor website, FishingCapital.com. The state can’t say one city is better than another for fishing, so it’s an

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unbiased resource with extensive information. FishingCapital.com posts tips on fishing hot spots, info about fishing events and deals, and daily fishing reports from local captains. You can ask questions on the site and upload “catch of the day” photos.

Well, FishingCapital.com is unbiased about Florida cities, anyway – not so much about states. It claims Florida is the undisputed national king of fishing, though that could be correct. The weather alone makes fishing a year-round diversion. Florida also has a vast coastline, thousands of lakes and streams, an array of sport fish, a diversity of habitat, and a huge industry dying to sell fishing supplies to excited vacationers.

For the best fishing, get away from the theme parks. Disney is catch-and-release only, but books fishing excursions that leave from 13 resorts and Downtown Disney. (To book, go online or call 407-939-BASS.) Universal has no official fishing policy, and only a fool would drop a line in the water at Sea World.

If staying at Disney without a car, fish nearby. Otherwise, get out there. Fishing gives families a chance to see the real Florida. And note: “Real” includes mosquitoes, tropical sun, and alligators warming along the bank. Take bug repellant, sunscreen, and common sense.

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