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Disney’s Halloween and Christmas 2011 parties

Magic Kingdom train station at Hallowen

Disney's Magic Kingdom is decked out for Halloween

Disney World’s two major holiday parties – Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – are selling tickets for the 2011 season. Both take place in the Magic Kingdom starting around 7 p.m., though many guests arrive earlier. In no case does Disney schedule a party for a Saturday night.  (Day guests must exit fairly quickly on “party” days, and many are shocked to discover gift stores closed on their way out.

Each event comes with special theming and extras. Some events sell out, so book early for popular dates. If Halloween falls on a Friday, for example, don’t wait to buy a ticket for Oct. 31.

2011 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party
The “not-so-scary” part is a comparison to nearby Universal Studio’s gorier Halloween party. At Disney, the party feels more like “let’s go trick-or-treating, Mom” than Universal’s “let’s cut off a cheerleader’s head and disembowel her boyfriend.” Disney has a special fireworks show, themed parade, characters in Halloween costumes, and candy for the asking. Parents can – and are encouraged to – dress up too.

Halloween tickets: The admission price goes up as you draw closer to Halloween and/or plan to visit on a weekend. At the gate, an adult ticket, depending on date and day of week, costs $59.95, $62.95, or $67.95 plus tax. A child three to nine costs $53.95, $58.95, or $63.95 plus tax.

An advance ticket for adults costs $53.95, $56.95, or $67.95 plus tax. An advanced child ticket, ages three to nine, costs $47.95, $52.95, or $63.95 plus tax.

2011 Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
Christmas may seem a bit more Disney-like than Halloween, and this party packs in traditions, such as snow, hot chocolate, and Christmas carols. (Snow is only on Main Street and not really snow.) Many Christmas traditions, such as extensive decorations along Main Street and an ornately lighted Cinderella’s Castle, can be enjoyed during the day without buying a special party admission. However, the party features a holiday parade seen on televisions nationwide on Christmas morning, holiday fireworks, live shows, holiday-themed characters, and free cookies and hot cocoa.

Christmas tickets: In general, there are two basic prices. Adult tickets purchased on the day of the party cost $62.95 plus tax regardless of date. A child ticket, age three to nine, costs $57.95.

Advanced tickets can be cheaper if bought in advance but only for low-demand dates. In general, Friday nights in December and over Thanksgiving cost full price, while weekdays cost less. An advance ticket for adults costs $56.95 or $62.95 plus tax. An advanced child ticket for age three to nine costs $51.94 to $57.95 plus tax.

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