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Twister game Disney World Pop Century Resort

Q: Where can I play Twister in Orlando? (A: Disney’s Pop Century Resort)

Orlando has a million things to do and a million-plus families doing them. No blog or book can answer every vacation concern – things such as “What if I arrive 15 minutes late for my luau reservation?” or “Uncle Bob is joining us at Downtown Disney – where should we meet?” Disney, however, offers personal one-on-one advice online, and it’s an ideal spot to get answers to not-so-common questions. Disney’s Moms Panel is a blog-style resource of Disney-paid experts who landed the job, in part, because they love Disney World vacations and enjoy answering every little question that pops into a future vacationers mind. Specialty “moms” even focus on niche products, such as the Disney Vacation Club and the Disney Cruise Line. A few “moms” are even “dads.”

While the bloggers and their answers clearly focus on families traveling with children since it has “mom” in the name, anyone may ask a Disney question about anything. (Universal questions don’t make it into publication.) Hopefully, FAQOrlando.com can answer 99 percent of your Orlando vacation questions, but this is an ideal spot for the other 1 percent.

Since Disney runs this question-and-answer website, the answers tend to be very pro-mouse and answers are squeaky happy. Each writer is “sincerely excited that you’re coming,” and assures writers that they’ll “love the (fill in the planned Disney activity in question).” But it’s still a good resource for info that’s tough to find anywhere else.

Examples of recent questions:

  • How can I order a custom cake to be delivered during dinner? (Answer: Call the Disney cake line at (407) 827-2253 or go to www.disneyworld.disney.go.com/celebrations.)
  • Can I buy a Disney meal plan if staying at an offsite hotel? (No.)

The direct URL for the forum is: www.DisneyWorldMoms.com.

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