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Movement Guide: Epcot

Scared of the coasters? You can’t always tell from the front of the ride. Epcot rides are listed here clockwise as “None” (slow, even movement or none at all), “Some” (not a coaster, but a hill or other jerky movement) and “Lots” (a coaster or its equivalent). Further explanation is given if necessary.

Future World (front of park)

  • Spaceship Earth: None
  • Innoventions: None
  • Universe of Energy: None
  • Body Wars (inside Wonders of Life and usually closed): Lots (motion simulator)
  • Cranium Command (inside Wonders of Life and usually closed): None
  • Mission: Space: Lots (no hills, but small enclosed space spins like carousel on steroids)
  • Test Track: Some (similar to driving 50-miles per hour in a small convertible)
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Audience (by Journey Into Imagination): None
  • Journey Into Imagination: None
  • Soarin’ (inside The Land): Some (gentle movement but not for those afraid of heights)
  • The Land (boat ride): None
  • The Living Seas: None
  • Nemo (inside Living Seas): None

World Showcase (back of park)

  • Mexico: None
  • Norway: Some (boat ride with medium hill)
  • China: None
  • Germany: No ride
  • Italy: No ride
  • U.S.: None
  • Japan: None
  • Morocco: No ride
  • France: None
  • United Kingdom: No ride
  • Canada: None
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