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October 2011: Disney theme parks have four general levels of dining: Full-service, fast food, limited food and dessert, and street vendors. The Magic Kingdom is the only Disney park that does not serve alcohol. Location descriptions are based on proximity to Cinderella’s Castle. For a full overview of park restaurant options, read Eating inside the Disney parks.

Full-service restaurants

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant (Main Street near entrance.): Italian theme – pastas and salads. Name comes from Lady and the Tramp but without a heavy cartoon feel once inside. If you want a sit-down dinner that resembles a “normal” restaurant, Tony’s is your best bet. Sample:
Appetizers: $5.50 (Minestrone) to $10 (Calamari)
Salads/sandwiches: $11.50 (Panini) to $15 (Caesar salad)
Entrees: $14 (Baked Ziti) to $17 (Chicken Parmigiana)

The Plaza Restaurant (Main Street on right side facing castle.): Sandwiches, salads, sundaes, and more – Magic Kingdom’s least upscale sit-down restaurant. Has an Art Nuevo style and deli-type menu with cheeseburgers, grilled fare, and ice cream (only) desserts. Sample:
Sandwiches: $11 (Grilled Reuben) to $15 (Chicken Strawberry Salad)
Desserts: $5 (Sundae) to $8 (Banana Split)

The Crystal Palace (Main Street on left side facing castle.): Architecturally beautiful, the crystal palace is 75% glass supported by white Victorian woodwork. Lush plants make it feel like a mansion’s arboretum. Character dining, however, appeals mainly to families with children as Winnie-the-Pooh and friends visit table-to-table. While waiters serve drinks and condiments, guests get their own food from a full buffet that includes a kid-friendly section. Choice of a beef, chicken, and/or fish entrée.
Breakfast: $13 (ages 3-9) to $23 (10 and older)
Lunch: $14 (3-9) to $25 (10 and older)
Dinner: $18 (3-9) to $37 (10 and older)

Cinderella’s Royal Table (Inside the castle.): Dinner inside the castle is a much a show as a meal. Served amid old world gothic elegance, Cinderella greets visitors and hosts the dinner as if you’re an invited guest inside her home. Prices are fixed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but include appetizer, dessert, and photo. Note: The Cinderella’s Royal Table is very popular – everyone wants to eat inside the castle – and reservations should be made well in advance. But call anyway even if you’re already inside the park – you might get lucky. Prices vary depending on the season.
Prices: $36 to $60.

Liberty Tree Tavern (Liberty Square. Turn left if facing the castle; located across from riverboat.): A recreation of an 18th century American restaurant, Liberty Tree décor includes tons of woodwork accented with brass and rustic artwork. Traditional early American fare includes turkey, roast ham, and carved beef. Guests pay a set fee and mix or match food. Menu includes kid-friendly stuff, such as macaroni and cheese, but the tavern is a good choice for adults dining alone since Disney characters don’t roam from table to table (this could change), and small rooms make the large restaurant feel more intimate. Serves only lunch and dinner.
Prices: $16 (ages 3-9) to $36 (ages 10 and older)

Fast-food restaurants

Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station (Across from castle where Main Street becomes Tomorrowland.) Closed except during busy seasons, it features largely Asian specialties. Disney also offers dessert/appetizer packages in the section closest the castle during firework shows – an ideal place to watch the action. Prices around $9.

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café (Tomorrowland. Right side of castle where Tomorrowland meets Fantasyland.): A massive restaurant in which some outdoor seating overlooks the castle, Cosmic Ray’s serves an array of traditional fast food items. Anyone who appreciates cheap lounge entertainers will like an audioanimatronic alien, Sunny Eclipse, who entertains in one room. It’s ideal for families with diverse tastes but inconvenient since three sections serve different entrees. A family that wants chicken, barbecue, and a salad must wait in three separate lines. Kid’s menu available at all stations, however. A buffet-style “toppings bar” allows guests to personalize their food. Sample:
Station 1: Chicken nuggets $8, half chicken $10; ribs $11, chicken and ribs $15
Station 2: Hot dog $7, cheeseburger $9, deluxe cheeseburger $10
Station 3: Caesar salad $8, turkey wraps $9
Sides and desserts: Fries $2.50, chili-cheese fries $4.50, brownies $2.40, cake $3.60

Pinocchio Village Haus (Fantasyland behind castle and left of Dumbo.) The name and décor are German but the food largely Italian. Walls include murals taken from the Disney movie, and one very-popular wall of windows overlooks the boarding area of the Small World ride.
Specialties: Pizza $8.50, meatball subs $8.50, Chicken Parmesan $9
Healthy fare: Caesar salad with chicken $8, Mediterranean salad $8.50
Desserts: Cake $3.60, strawberry yogurt $2

Columbia Harbour House (Liberty Square. Left from castle across from Haunted Mansion.) The theme is 18th Century Colonial Americana that favors seafood. It also offers a side dish of New England clam chowder ($4.50) for those who want a light meal. Kids tend to prefer other fast-food venues, so it’s a good choice for adults or those hoping to escape the constant magic. For a bit of quiet, dine on the second floor if it’s open. One alcove (personal favorite) has windows that overlook Liberty Square’s riverboat.
Specialties: Fried shrimp $10, fried fish $7.50, chicken nuggets $8.40
Healthy fare: Tuna or vegetarian sandwich $8.30, salads $8
Desserts: Apple crisp ($3.60), chocolate cake ($3.60), strawberry yogurt ($2)

Pecos Bill Café (Frontierland, far left of castle between Country Bears and Splash Mountain.) Focus here is on Western food including barbecue and burgers, along with a topping bar to personalize condiments. It has a handful of outdoor tables that overlook Rivers of America and Splash Mountain. For an out-of-the-way table, go right if facing the ordering area, look for an ascending hallway on the left, and go up. Pecos Bill also has a handful of video-ordering stations. They’re easy to use and a good choice for non-English-speaking visitors.
Specialties: BBQ pork sandwich $8, cheeseburger $8, bacon cheeseburger $9
Healthy fare: Caesar or taco salad $8, chicken wrap $9, vegetable burger $7
Desserts: Chocolate or carrot cake $3.60, strawberry yogurt $2

Tortuga Tavern (Adventureland across from Pirates of the Caribbean.) Open only during busy seasons, the Mexican-themed restaurant features tacos, taco salads, etc., for around $9 each. The indoor seating connects to Pecos Bill Café via the walkway mentioned above. It’s possible to order something at both and meet in the middle if a family has divergent tastes.

Limited food and dessert

Main Street Bakery (Middle of Main Street on right facing castle.) A cornucopia of baked goods served buffet style. Pay at the exit and eat at a limited number of tables in a dining area themed after a turn-of-the-century soda shop. Baked goods vary, as do prices, but run in the $5-and-up range.

Casey’s Corner (Main Street, last store on left facing the castle.) Almost fast food, Casey’s hot dogs cost $4.80 alone or $6.80 with fries or apples. Other options: Corn dog nuggets $4.20, chili $3.30, cotton candy $3.30, brownie $2.40. Limited indoor seating and lots of outdoor seating.

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor (Main Street, right side, facing Cinderella’s Castle.) Sundaes, floats, and ice cream cones. Prices $2.70 to $4.70.

The Lunching Pad (center of Tomorrowland under space ships.) Three hot dog variations (Taco, Reuben, and Philly Cheese for $8) are, arguably, a full lunch. All seating is outdoors though mainly covered. A Disney version of Slurpees – frozen drinks – sell for $3.70.

Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies (Tomorrowland, across from Lunching Pad and beside Stitch’s Adventure.) More ice cream and sundaes in the $3 to $4 range. No seating. Also includes Smoothies $4, muffins $2.60.

Enchanted Grove (between Tomorrowland and Fantasyland.) Frozen drinks that run about $2.60. No seating. Muffins for $2.60.

Mrs. Pott’s Cupboard (Fantasyland between Pooh and the carousel.) Sundaes, shakes, cones, and floats for $3.20 to $4.70. Cookies $2. Limited outdoor seating.

The Friar’s Nook (between Mrs. Pott’s and the carousel.) Open only during busy seasons, the Friar’s Nook serves more lunch-like fare with limited choices and limited outdoor seating. Chili hot dogs $8, Caesar salad $8, homemade potato chips $3, churro $3, apple and caramel dippers $3.50.

Sleep Hollow Refreshments (Liberty Square by the bridge leading to the castle.) A hodge-podge of heavier snacks with an early American theme. Outdoor seating. Mickey waffles $4.50, funnel cake $4.30, chicken/rice soup $3.30, cookies $2, ice cream, and slushes.

Golden Oak Outpost (Frontierland beyond Pecos Bill and across from Splash Mountain.) Light menu items with limited outdoor seating. But feel free to eat inside Pecos Bills across the street – Disney doesn’t care. Specializes in chicken with a fried sandwich $9, nuggets $7, and flatbread sandwich $8.50. Also cakes $3.60, cookies $2.

Sunshine Tree Terrace (Adventureland beside Tiki Birds and across from Aladdin’s magic carpets.) Specialty is pineapple juice float $4.20, frozen drinks $3.70, milk shakes $4.

Aloha Isle (Adventureland close to the bridge leading from Main Street.) Sponsored by Dole, pineapple provides a central theme: soft-serve ice cream $3.20, pineapple float $4.20, fresh-cut pineapple $3.30.

Snacks found in vendor carts throughout the park

  • Turkey legs. Always in Frontierland, these are offered elsewhere and hugely popular.
  • Ice cream. Vendors sell popsicles and bars, including Mickey Mouse on a stick.
  • Candy. Sold in most stores, but specialty shops are located in Frontierland and Main Street.
  • Popcorn. Throughout the park.
  • Churros. Mexican-style cinnamon concoction.
  • Warm nuts. (Insert joke here). Cinnamon almonds and more.
  • Fresh fruit. One station is in Mickey’s Toontown, another in Liberty Square.
  • Egg rolls. Many times sold in Adventureland.
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