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Downtown Disney restaurants

Fulton's Crab House Downtown Disney Orlando

Downtown Disney restaurants are organized by location. The area hosts a few fast-food restaurants, but if referring to this list via smartphone, a scrollable, location-based list seems more intuitive.

How to use this list: Downtown Disney circles a lake with parking on the non-lake side. If you’re standing in the parking lot, the West Side is on the left, Pleasure Island is in the middle (by Planet Hollywood’s blue ball), and Marketplace is on the right. Restaurant descriptions start on the left in Disney’s West Side, with store/snack stops listed at the bottom. All restaurants have a menu for kids. The first prices show the range – cheapest to most expensive – followed by a list of food in mid-range.

Some restaurants focus on fresh, seasonal food. Prices and entrees were correct in May 2011, but could change in June and again in July. Consider the following a guide but not the final word. (Tour suggestion: The largest parking lot fronts the West Side with little to no parking next to Marketplace. Park at the West Side, walk around, and take a boat – it’s free – that connects Marketplace to the West Side and your car.)

West Side

House of Blues. A funky mixture of rustic, brightly colored folk art mixed with a deep South attitude, the House of Blues has a restaurant, concert venue, and outdoor bar. Patrons tend to be younger, and the down-home feel loses only a little bit to the thick crowds that sometimes pack the place. Concerts, if scheduled, are not necessarily blues oriented. House of Blues serves the same menu all day long but offers additional sandwiches over lunch (until 3 p.m.).
Appetizers: Soup ($4) to voodoo shrimp, roasted flatbread, or chicken wings ($11); spinach dip ($9), pizza ($10), crab/artichoke dip ($10), catfish fingers ($10), calamari ($10)
Sandwiches (lunch): Caprese, Philly cheese steak, French dip, ham, pastrami, or Italian po’ boy ($10) to blackened grouper or grilled Reuben ($11)
Salads: House or Caesar ($5) to Cobb ($14); field greens ($6), Caesar with chicken ($13)
Sandwiches: Veggie burger or blackened chicken ($11) to burgers or barbecue beef ($14); turkey ($12), shrimp po’-boy ($13), pulled pork ($13)
Entrees: Half baby back ribs ($14) to beef medallions ($28); meat loaf ($15), penne pasta ($15), jambalaya ($18), chicken ($19), shrimp/crawfish entouffee ($21), salmon ($24), rib eye  ($25), full rack of ribs ($25)

Wolfgang Puck Express. A fast-food version of the Wolfgang Puck restaurant next door, the Express has a kid’s menu (pizza, chicken mac and cheese, or grilled cheese for $8), amid a stripped-down version of the main restaurant’s modern décor.
Soup/salads: Tortilla or butternut squash soup ($5) to barbecue chicken salad ($13); Caesar salad ($10 to 12), Greek salad ($11), Chinois chicken salad ($12), beet and feta ($12)
Sandwiches: Egg salad ($10) to spicy chicken ($13); pesto chicken salad ($11), turkey club ($12), vegetable melt ($12), turkey melt ($12)
Pizza: $11 to $14 depending on toppings

Wolfgang Puck Café. Trendy and modern, the Wolfgang Puck restaurants are best known for good food and an extensive menu. The Downtown Disney version also has different versions for lunch and dinner, with many higher prices (featured here) and fewer sandwiches at dinner. Two dining rooms serve different items at different prices, with the higher prices listed here. The restaurant also serves Sushi, which runs $13 to $21. The following is only a guide; entrees and prices change.
Appetizers: Soups ($7) to crab cakes ($16); Caesar salad ($7), tossed salad ($9), artichoke dip ($13), calamari ($13), duck ($16), scallops ($18), and more
Entrée salads: Lettuce ($9) to Greek with shrimp ($15); spinach ($12), soup/salad ($12), turkey Cobb ($14), chicken Caesar ($14)
Pizza: Wood-fired from $14 to $18 depending on toppings
Sandwiches: Reuben ($12) to shrimp club ($15); soup/sandwich ($13), beef pocket ($13), burger ($13)
Pastas: Ravioli ($18) to spaghetti with shrimp or chicken Alfredo ($20); Tuscan vegetables ($18), beef Bolognese ($18)
Entrees: Chicken or spicy goulash ($29) to rack of lamb ($46); salmon ($33), filet mignon ($45), sashimi ($35), wiener schnitzel ($35), fish ($35), duck ($35), lobster ($42), and more

Bongo’s Cuban Café. Bongo’s – an elegant spin on traditional Cuban food – honors the communist island that’s located within swimming distance (almost and with sharks) of Florida’s southern border. Orlando has a handful of good Cuban-owned/Cuban-run restaurants, but Bongo’s ramps up the theme. Side orders include standards such as black beans or three plantain dishes ($4 each).
Soup/salad: Chicken or black bean soup ($5) to fruit salad ($12); tomato salad ($6), house salad ($7), Caesar ($8)
Appetizers: Cassava or green plantains ($6) to three-person combo ($21); stuffed potatoes ($7), ham croquettes ($7), fried pork ($8), stuff plantains ($9)
Sandwiches: Midnight, club, or chicken sandwich ($8) to Club or Steak sandwich ($9)
Entrees: Seven chicken entrees $14 to $16; Five fish or shrimp entrees – three Creole – $18 to 23; minced beef ($14), shredded beef ($16), pork ($16 to $18), steaks ($17 to $23)

Planet Hollywood. It’s hard to miss the giant blue restaurant that abuts the main parking lot. Guests from non-Planet Hollywood cities stare in awe at the movie artifacts that line almost every inch of the walls, and it’s worth a visit to just walk around. The menu has something for everyone.
Appetizers: Bruschetta, spinach dip, sliders, or chicken fingers ($9) to VIP mixed platter ($19); buffalo wings ($10), potato skins ($10)
Salads: Tomato & Mozzarella ($9) to Southwestern or chicken wedge ($14); Caesar ($13), Cobb ($13.50)
Sandwiches: Turkey burger ($11) to Philly cheese steak ($14); bacon cheeseburger ($12), turkey club ($12), Tuscan chicken ($13), pulled pork ($13)
Entrees: Chicken pasta or spaghetti ($15) to NY strip steak ($27); shrimp Alfredo ($16 to $19), fajitas ($17), manicotti ($17), lasagna ($18), penne pasta ($18), garlic shrimp ($19), half chicken ($19), mahi mahi ($22), salmon ($22), rib eye ($26)

Pleasure Island

Paradiso 57. A nice non-themed (in the Disney-fantasy sense) restaurant in the middle of Pleasure Island, Paradiso specializes in food from North and South America. That includes Mexican but everything north and south of it too. Prices are slightly higher in the evening.
Appetizers: Chips and salsa ($4) to Argentinean sausage ($15); guacamole, ($5) potato pancakes ($6), chili ($6.50), mac/cheese bites ($7.50), corn dogs ($7.50), queso fundido ($8), Yucatan shrimp ($9), Peruvian beef ($11)
Salads: Chicken Caesar or tortilla ($13) to prickly pear shrimp ($16)
Sandwiches: Hot dogs ($10) to hamburgers, sliders, or hoagies ($13)
Entrees: Tortillas ($13) to NY strip steak ($27); tacos ($12), enchiladas ($14), barbecue pork ($18), chicken ($18), skirt steak ($20), shrimp and steak ($24)

Raglan Road. To misquote Hollywood Studios: An Irish restaurant that never was and always will be. Raglan Road feels like an Irish pub in looks, taste, and entertainment, but in a more upscale style than many neighborhood bars on the Emerald Isle. Still, it’s fun and relaxing rather than stuffy – and family friendly.
Appetizers: Whiskey chicken ($8) to scallops ($14); crab rolls ($9), asparagus tart ($9), mussels ($10), calamari ($11), cocktail sausages ($11), banger flatbread ($12), haddock ($12), ribs ($13)

Soups/salads: Soul soup ($6) to Caesar or gourmet tossed ($15 to $16); other intricate salad combos run $14 to $15
Entrees: Portobello burger ($14) to steak/lamb/chicken mixed grill ($28); burgers ($15), risotto ($16), meatballs ($17), beef Murray ($18), chicken ($19), chicken curry ($19), fish and chips ($19), ham ($21), ribs ($21), pork ($22), salmon ($24), mixed seafood ($24), lamb ($26), sirloin steak ($27)

Cookies of Dublin. A fast-food version of Raglan Road with limited seating. A number of chips (onion, potato, etc.) in the $4 range can be coupled with dips (curry, garlic mayo, gravy, etc.) in the $3 range.
Salads: Caesar or farmhouse ($6)
Entrees: Sausage, chicken tenders or chicken wings ($9) to scallops ($12); fish and chips ($11), cold water shrimp ($12)

Portobello. Somewhat between Pleasure Island and Marketplace, Portobello is your top choice if seeking Italian food at Downtown Disney. Slightly upscale and sporting a modern Italian theme, it’s surrounded on two sides by water for a great view depending on your table. Lunch and dinner menus have similar entrees and prices, though the lunch menu features sandwiches not on the dinner menu, while the dinner menu has full entrees not offered at lunch. Antipasti platters run $13 to $24, serving four to six people.
Appetizers: Soup du jour ($5) to Sambuca shrimp ($13); salads ($6 to $7), eggplant fries ($8), meatball sliders ($8), rice balls ($10), Portobello mushrooms ($10), calamari ($11)
Pizza: Four kinds, $10 to $13
Pasta (lunch): Spaghetti, penne Bolognese, chicken, or rigatoni for $13 to shrimp linguine $16; clam linguine ($15), Bucatini ($15)
Pasta (dinner): Spaghetti ($18) to shrimp linguine ($25); ravioli ($19), penne Bolognese ($19), rigatoni ($22), chicken ($22), Bucatini ($24), clam linguine ($24), gnocchi ($25)
Sandwiches (lunch): Vegetarian puree or meatball sub ($9) to Italian sub or beef brisket ($10)
Entrees (dinner): Veal or chicken ($23) to filet mignon ($40); pompano ($24), pork chop ($26), mahi mahi ($28), shrimp/scallops ($30), T-bone steak ($37)


Fulton’s Crab House. For a Disney experience, Fulton’s delivers. While a building, it appears to be a full-blown Mississippi steamboat docked in the port of Downtown Disney, complete with (fake) ramp to board. While kids may prefer the in-your-face theming of dinosaurs or rainforests, adults tend to like the fantasy of Fulton’s more, and it’s one of the area’s original restaurants, though the menu and management have changed over the years. Note that the menu each day is based on fresh fish available, though it usually offers assorted oysters ($2.25 each), along with lobster bisque ($9) and clam chowder ($8).
Appetizers: Mushroom fries or fish tacos ($10) to seafood tower for two ($40); conch fritters ($11), mussels ($13), shrimp cocktail ($15), crab cake ($15), seared tuna ($15)
Salads (some lunch only): House or small Caesar ($7) to Cobb ($14); large Caesar ($11 to $17), Spinach pecan ($12 to $17), Asian chicken ($13)
Sandwiches (lunch): Chicken ($10) to lobster/shrimp roll or crab club ($15); buffalo shrimp ($12), sirloin burger ($13), burger sliders ($14). Half sandwich/soup combo $13.
Lunch entrees: Fish tacos or fish & chips ($13) to seafood combo or trio ($17); ribs ($16)
Seafood entrees (dinner): Tilapia ($20) to crab claws with/without lobster ($59); mahi mahi ($25), salmon ($27), snow crab ($27), crab legs ($28), crab cakes ($30), tuna ($33), lobster ($45), snow crab/lobster ($49), crab legs ($54), crab/lobster for two ($84)
Non-seafood entrees (dinner): Pork chop ($22) to NY Strip and lobster ($50); ribs ($27), ribs and crab claws ($39), NY Strip and shrimp ($43), filet mignon ($45 to $52)

T-Rex. This is the same thing as Rainforest Café, but with dinosaurs instead of jungle animals. It’s not the place for a quiet romantic dinner – it’s the place for kids who love fantasy, growling lizards, moving carnivores, and a pre-mankind escape.
Appetizers: Onion rings, eggplant/bread, or Mozzarella fingers ($9) to nacho platter ($16); shrimp dip ($10), flatbread sampler ($15), super sampler ($20 to $26)
Soups/salads: Side salad, onion soup, or tomato soup ($7) to large salad with chicken ($17); mixed salad ($16)
Entrees: Burgers ($13.50 to $17) to Boneyard Buffet ($27); chicken salad ($14), chicken sandwich ($15), steak/cheese sandwich ($15), lasagna ($17.50), pot roast ($18), mushroom ravioli ($18), chicken-fried steak ($19), tortellini ($19), grilled chicken ($20), chicken ($20), shrimp ($20), ribs ($22), pork ($26)

Pollo Campero. A mini-food court, Pollo Campero has a small bakery, Sangria bar, and counter-service chicken. Sides a la carte run $2.50 to $4.50
Wraps and salads (Same thing – each wrap can be ordered as a salad for $1 more): Vegetable, chicken (three kinds), or tuna ($7) to skirt steak ($8)
Entrees: Turkey, beef, or veggie burger ($7), hot dog ($7), “build your feast” chicken ($7)

Earl of Sandwich. Fast-food sandwiches with a wide selection – but all cost $6. Choices include club, Hawaiian barbecue, all American, roast beef, meatballs, ham ‘n Swiss, veggie, cheese, jerk chicken, tuna, Italian, BLT, and kid selections.

Cap’n Jacks Restaurant. Built on a dock, the end room of Cap’n Jacks sits in the middle of the lake. The dress is casual with crab the specialty. As one of the original pre-glitz Downtown Disney restaurants, it has more of a Florida feel than the newer eateries. It’s also hard to find the entrance, which makes it a bit more exclusive.
Appetizers: Vegetable soup ($4) to smoked trout ($9); New England clam chowder ($5.50), mixed salad ($5.50), Caesar salad ($5.50), spinach/artichoke dip ($7.50)
Sandwiches (lunch): Tuna or pot roast ($11) to chicken Parmesan ($12)
Entrees: Caesar salad with chicken ($13) to crab cakes ($24); penne pasta Alfredo ($14 to $20), pot roast ($17), chicken ($18), salmon ($21), chef dish of the day (varies).

Rainforest Café The restaurant has a ceiling of leaves and fake rocks, so the inside feels like the outside, with a wide range of moving, noisy animals. For kids, it’s like eating inside a Disney attraction, and a top family choice that can get a long waiting line. A second Rainforest Café is located outside the entrance to Disney’s Animal Kingdom park.
Appetizers: Onion rings ($9), quesadillas ($10), pizza ($15.50), mixed sampler ($19), and more
Salads/sandwiches: Soup (2 for $7), small salads (2 at $7), large salads (2 at $17), burgers ($13-$15), mushroom “burger” ($14), chicken sandwich ($15), barbecue ($15)
Seafood: Coconut shrimp ($22), Shrimp/scallops ($23), mahi mahi ($24), salmon ($25), and more
Meat: Chicken (3 styles $19), pot roast ($19), ribs ($22), NY Strip steak ($30), and combos
Pasta: Pizza ($15-$16), chicken Alfredo ($19), sausage marinara ($19), Cajun ($22)

Snacks of note

Candy Cauldron (West Side): Baked goods and candy in a store with a heavy emphasis on the poison apple the wicked witch fed to Snow White ($3 and up)

Wetzel’s Pretzels/Haagen Dazs (West Side): Ice cream in all its shapes along with soft pretzels with toppings ($3 and up)

The Hole in the Wall (Pleasure Island): Outdoor bar tucked beside Raglan Road.

Marketplace Snacks (Marketplace): Popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, ice cream, and fruit from $3.25 to $8.75

Ghirardelli (Marketplace): Perhaps the top snack stop, this San Francisco-named ice cream stand with tables sits in the middle of the Marketplace. Ice cream concoctions run $7 to $9

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