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Disney Hollywood Studios restaurant

Disney Hollywood Studios has four general levels of dining: Full-service, fast food, limited food and dessert, and street vendors. Full-service restaurants are also full-service bars, and most fast food options offer beer. Location descriptions are based on proximity to Hollywood Studio’s central icon, the giant Mickey Mouse hat from Fantasia that’s located in roughly the middle of the park at the end of Hollywood Boulevard. For a full explanation of in-the-park dining at Disney and how to turn this guide into a phone app accessible from within the parks, read Overview: Disney park dining

Full-service restaurants

The Hollywood Brown Derby (On right just before giant Mickey hat.) Modeled after its namesake in Tinsel Town, the Brown Derby recreates the “stars dine here” atmosphere with caricatures of vintage movie actors lining the walls. It also features Cobb Salad and grapefruit cake, which the namesake restaurant invented. As an expensive establishment without characters, it’s a good upscale choice for vacationers who want a somewhat quiet meal without leaving the park. Fewer families with kids opt for the Brown Derby thanks to higher food prices.
Appetizers: Oyster/Brie soup ($9), scallops ($10), crab cake ($12), tuna tartare ($14), Cobb salad ($15)
Entrees: Coconut tofu ($23), chicken ($28), duck ($30), lamb ($35), short ribs ($38), filet mignon ($40)
Desserts: Fruit cobbler ($6), grapefruit cake ($7), crème brulee ($7), cheesecake ($9)

Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano (Pretty hidden: Far left if facing Mickey’s hat behind Muppet Vision 3-D.) Another sit-down restaurant with limited appeal to kids – hence, somewhat fewer of them – this kitschy eatery feels like a New York, family-owned property where Mama Melrose had a bit of fun with tacky decorating. It’s as if she started with lots of wood, booths, and Italian fabrics, then threw in interesting décor culled from her Brooklyn neighborhood. As a result, it doesn’t have the elegance of The Brown Derby, but that’s not criticism.
Appetizers: Salads ($6-$7), Mozzarella/tomatoes ($8), calamari ($13), Antipasto for two ($15)
Entrees: Flatbreads ($13), ravioli ($17), chicken parmigiana ($17), tuna ($23), spaghetti with clams ($20), sirloin steak ($29)
Desserts: Gelatos ($4.50) Italian-themed cakes ($6), lemon custard ($7)

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater (Left of hat down Commissary Lane.) Looking for a lot of Disney kitsch? This waitress-service restaurant seats diners in fake cars under a fake starlit sky in a fake drive-in movie circa 1955. Everyone eats at a skinny table – part of the car – and faces forward to watch classic clips from science fiction movies. The food, much of it clearly diner fare, costs more than fast-food restaurants yet less than most sit-down venues.
Appetizers: BLT soup ($7), chili ($7), salad ($7.50), spinach dip ($8), onion rings ($8)
Entrees: Reuben ($12.50), burgers ($13), tofu ($19), steak ($16.50), shrimp ($22), ribs ($22)
Desserts: Peanut butter ($8) or plain cheesecake ($7), hot fudge sundae ($7)

50’s Primetime Café (Take first left inside park; second restaurant on left.) Primetime Café has less kitsch than Sci-Fi Dine-In, but not much. Made up of small home-sized rooms, each section looks like Mom’s kitchen if Mom had a flair for decorating, yet hadn’t changed a thing since 1959. Small televisions play old shows, and each waiter/waitress has a motherly eat-your-vegetables-if-you-want-dessert attitude. A full bar, the Tune In Lounge, adjoins the restaurant and sports the same retro décor.
Appetizers: Salad ($5.50) chicken noodle soup ($6.50), onion rings ($8), crab cake ($8.50), seafood salad ($10)
Entrees: Fish sandwich ($12), salad ($14), fried chicken ($16), meatloaf ($15), pasta (17), pot pie ($17), pot roast ($17)
Desserts: Sundaes or S’mores ($5); cobbler, cheesecake, or parfait ($5.50)

Hollywood & Vine (First left inside the park.) This is tops for kids who want to see their favorite TV cartoon stars that have a show on The Disney Channel. It’s also the only option for big eaters who love a buffet. However, the restaurant is less intimate than other ones at Hollywood Studios, so it’s not a top choice for adults or older kids unimpressed with the company’s TV lineup. The meat offerings cover most groups, including fish, beef, chicken, and more, with an impressive lineup of kid-friendly favorites, such as macaroni and cheese. The price can vary by season, but breakfast is $16 to $29 (child to adult); lunch and dinner $18 to $33.

Fast-food restaurants

Catalina Eddies (food court area near Tower of Terror.) Pizza or Caesar salad with chicken. Covered outdoor seating. Prices about $8 to $9.

Rosie’s All-American (food court near Tower of Terror.) Soup ($3), burgers or chicken nuggets. Covered outdoor seating. Prices around $7 to $9.

Studio Catering Company (One block behind Mickey’s hat near Studio Backlot Tour and motor show.) A large covered outdoor area offers tons of tables. If kids are old enough to play in the “Honey I shrunk the kids” playground unattended, it’s also an ideal place to wait for them to poop out. Menu offers fast-food items but without the usual hamburgers. Off to the side, it also has a bar with limited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, perhaps so waiting parents have more to do while they’re waiting.
Entrees: Greek salad ($6.50), Chicken Caesar wrap, turkey club, grilled vegetable or Buffalo chicken sandwiches ($8.50 to $9)
Desserts: Chocolate cake or cheesecake ($3.60)
Cocktails: Beer ($5.50-$6.25), wine ($7), Margaritas, pina coladas, and more run $7.50 to $9.50

Pizza Planet (Left of Mickey hat and across from Muppet Vision 3-D.) The name comes from the Toy Story movies, and parents can buy $5 in game tokens for a few minutes without the kids. The restaurant serves three types of pizza and a meatball sub for around $8.50.

ABC Commissary (Just left of Mickey hat on Commissary Lane.) Good spot for non-standard park food. If this was the real ABC Commissary, the network’s stars would eat lunch here. As it is, posters hung amid an art deco motif focus on current ABC hits.
Entrees: Asian salad ($7), fried fish ($7.50), chicken curry ($8.50), chicken sandwich ($9), burger/fried shrimp combo ($10.50)
Desserts: Fruit ($3.40), strawberry parfait ($3.60), chocolate mousse ($3.60)

Backlot Express (Far left of Mickey hat between Indiana Jones and Star Wars.) This is the closest Hollywood Studios comes to the traditional hamburger/hot dog theme park joint. It has tons of tables both inside and out, with a studio warehouse theme – paints, props, and more.
Entrees: Hot dog ($7), chicken nuggets ($8), S.W. chicken salad ($8), veggie sandwich ($9), hamburger ($10)
Desserts: Cheesecake or strawberry parfait ($4)

Limited food and dessert

Coca-Cola Ice Cold (Inside front entrance on the right.) A smattering of small stuff: Ice cream bars ($3.30), cinnamon rolls ($3), cookies ($2), cappuccino ($3.40), and more.

Toluca Legs (Food court-style area near Tower of Terror.) Turkey legs for $7.60.

Starring Rolls Bakery (On right facing Mickey hat at Sunset Boulevard.) Assorted Danish and breakfast-style goods along with cappuccino and wine ($7). Outdoor seating. Price for baked goods varies.

Herbie’s Drive-In (Rear of New York Street.) Racing-themed cart honoring Herbie, the Love Bug, Disney’s multi-movie Volkswagon star. Sells corn dogs ($4), chili dogs ($5.50), and nachos ($4)

Ristorante Italiano (Hard to find: Far left if facing Mickey’s hat behind Muppet Vision 3-D and fake New York.) Hanker for pasta on the cheap? Unusual stand-alone vendor sells minestrone soup, ($3) pasta with just tomato sauce ($6.75) or with meatballs ($8).

Writer’s Stop (Left of hat at Star Wars end of New York street.) Essentially a miniature Starbucks, coffee, tea, or cocoa sells for about $2, with espresso ($3), lattes ($4), and other concoctions costing more.

Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner (The fake boat near Mickey’s hat.) Arguably a fast-food stop, the boat sells only three entrees and seating is outdoors at a limited number of umbrella-covered tables. It offers two types of sandwiches in specialty wrap bread, a chicken Caesar ($8) or Italian sausage ($8), and a pretzel-encased hot dog ($7.50).

Oasis Canteen (Left of Mickey hat on right side of Indiana Jones.) Beer on draft ($5.50), funnel cake ($4.50), ice cream ($6), or funnel cake/ice cream combo ($7)

Dinosaur Gertie’s Ice Cream of Extinction (Left of hat. Looks like a dinosaur. Can’t miss it.) Cones, cups, and ice cream bars between $3 and $4.

Snacks found in vendor carts throughout the park

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