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Epcot dining differs from other Orlando and even Disney theme parks. It focuses on three general levels of – full-service, fast food, and limited food – but the top tier restaurants come close to luxury eateries found in the private sector, albeit with too many tourists in shorts. Most lands of World Showcase offer at least one fine dining restaurant with food unique to that country. Some offer one fast-food option.

Alcohol is found in abundance in bars, restaurants, and from vendors. Restaurants are listed first by type of service. Under each, Future World restaurants are posted first followed by World Showcase restaurants assuming you circle World Showcase lake clockwise.

All sit-down restaurants offer child menus. For a full explanation of in-the-park dining at Disney and how to turn this guide into a phone app accessible from within the parks, read Overview: Disney park dining. Some prices are rounded to the nearest dollar.

Full-service restaurants

Coral Reef Restaurant (Far right in front of park inside Living Seas.) Future World’s premiere sit-down restaurant, Coral Reef’s dimly lit ocean-themed dining has a full wall that fronts a 5.7-million gallon aquarium with fish, sea turtles, and sharks. If interested, book early and request (not guaranteed) an aquarium-adjacent table.
Appetizers: Soup or red beat salad ($7), lobster soup ($8), crab cakes ($11), mussels ($12), shrimp/cucumber/beef ($12)
Meals, lunch: Caesar salad ($11.50-$17), mushroom phyllo ($19), rainbow trout ($20), salmon ($21), chicken breast ($21), pork ($23), mahi mahi ($25)
Meals, dinner:  Mushroom phyllo ($19), chicken breast ($21), rainbow trout ($21), pork ($23), mahi mahi ($25), scallops ($25), seasonal catch ($27), NY strip steak ($32)
Dessert: Almond gelato ($8), crème brulée ($8), Baileys, Jack Daniels mousse ($8), cheesecake ($8)

Garden Grill (Inside The Land on right side of Future World.) The Garden Grill leans toward the interesting more than the elegant. The entire restaurant slowly spins. For 10 minutes you face the vast open area of The Land and feel like you’re in a fishbowl; for 20 minutes you face decorative walls; but for 20 minutes you look down on three scenes on the Living With the Land ride as boats pass invisibly below. The food is down-home cooking in deference to the area, and Disney characters flit table to table during the meal, which is served family style – all you can eat. Kids tend to love it, and the seating feels more intimate than some other mega-restaurants.
Meals: Bread, salads, beef, turkey, fish, vegetables, potatoes, and apple-currant crisp
Price: Adults $39, children 3-9 $19

Hacienda de San Angel (World Showcase, Mexico, left at entrance.) Located on the waterside, Epcot’s newest restaurant competes with a second restaurant inside the Mayan temple. If trying to choose one, Hacienda feels more like a restaurant with traditional décor and is a bit more intimate.
Appetizers: Black bean soup ($7), salad ($8), sampler ($10), tacos ($12.50), peppers/sausage ($12.25), queso fundido ($12.50)
Meals: Shrimp tacos ($23), tilapia ($24), chicken ($24), flank steak ($26), pork ($26), steak/chicken grill ($50 for two people), seafood mixed grill ($50 for two people)
Desserts: ice cream ($6.25), custard ($8), apple pastry ($8), tamal with guava ($8)

San Angel Inn (World Showcase, Mexico.) Epcot’s original Mexican restaurant, the San Angel Inn has atmosphere but less intimacy than the nearby Hacienda. The restaurant sits between a fake river and shopping, all of which feels like a small town in Mexico under the nighttime sky. Restaurant elegance comes from darkness and each table’s soft-glow lighting. Riverside dining is preferable, but expect tourists in boats to float by every 30 seconds.
Appetizers: Soup ($7), chorizo taco ($7), tostadas ($9), duck tacos ($10, crab tostados ($11)
Lunch meals: Salad ($15-$18), chicken enchiladas ($16), chicken/rice ($17), mahi mahi ($21), sirloin steak ($23)
Dinner meals: Mahi mahi ($23), ribeye steak ($24), chicken/rice ($24), shrimp ($26), sirloin steak ($28), three-course Mexican dinner ($30)
Desserts: Ice cream ($5.75), chocolate churro ($6.25), flan ($6.50), bread pudding ($6.75), chocolate mousse ($8)

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (World Showcase, Norway.) Akershus is the only character-dining restaurant at Epcot, and a hot commodity for girls since it features the Disney princesses. Themed as an old Norwegian castle and serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the restaurant balances Norwegian food with fare that kids prefer. Buffet-style service includes a lot of cold and hot fish dishes, and breakfast can be exclusively American. A $10 deposit may be required to make a reservation.
Breakfast: Adults $29, kids 3 to 9 $17
Lunch: Adults $31, kids $19
Dinner:  Adults $36, kids $20

Nine Dragons (World Showcase, Japan.) World Showcase’s version of an upscale Chinese restaurant, Nine Dragons serves common and not-so-common Chinese food. It has an extensive menu, and the following list doesn’t include everything. A three-course meal with limited selection of entrees costs $24 per person.
Appetizers: Soups ($4), cucumber salad ($6), pot stickers ($7), walnut shrimp toast ($8), egg rolls ($8), cold spicy beef ($9), General Tso’s dumplings ($11)
Meals: Chicken salad ($13), tofu or vegetable stir fry ($16), fried rice ($16), Kung Pao chicken ($18), spit-roasted chicken ($19), five-spiced fish ($22), steak and shrimp ($27)

Biergarten (World Showcase, Germany.) This restaurant mimics the town square of a small German hamlet. A semi-circle of tiered tables surrounds a central stage under a (fake) nighttime sky. Most guests stay about an hour and see one rendition of a concert that features traditional German music and songs. While the buffet-style food must have sauerkraut, it also offers a wide variety of traditional food that appeals to people who don’t think they want to eat German food.
Buffet: Salads, sausages, sauerbraten, chicken, pork, red cabbage, potatoes, spaetzle, schnitzel, apple strudel, Bavarian cheesecake
Lunch: Adults $27; kids 3 to 9 $14
Dinner: Adults $37; kids $18

Tutto Italia Ristorante (World Showcase, Italy.) Traditional Italian cuisine in an old-world style restaurant. If any ethnic food has gone universal, it’s Italian, and reservations are recommended.
Appetizers: Minestrone soup ($8.50), tortellini ($8.50), salad ($14), baked eggplant ($16), Caesar salad ($17), mozzarella/tomatoes ($16), calamari ($20)
Meals: Penne pasta ($20), spaghetti ($20), gnocchi ($23), lamb ragu ($23), lasagna ($26), tagliatelle/chicken ($26), cannelloni ($26), chicken ($26), casarecci/sausage ($27), salmon ($30), fish ($30), short ribs ($30), pork chop ($30)
Desserts: Ice cream, sorbet, or chocolate mousse ($5)

Mitsukoshi (World Showcase, Japan.) Operated by a Japanese firm, the restaurant has two distinct areas – Teppan Edo focuses on traditional Japanese food, while Tokyo Dining offers tempura and sushi, with some culinary overlap between the two. The lounge in front has massive windows that overlook the lake and, in the evening, Epcot’s nighttime show.
Teppan Edo appetizers: Miso soup ($3), soybean pods ($4.50), salad ($6), raw tuna ($8), beef ($8), ribs ($9). Sushi selection ranges from $7.50 and up.
Teppan Edo meals: Vegetables ($16), chicken ($21), pork loin ($21), shrimp ($25), swordfish ($26), sirloin ($27), scallops ($28), filet mignon ($30). Combos also offered.
Tokyo Dining appetizers: Miso soup ($3), soybean pods ($4.50), salad ($6), raw tuna ($9), assorted tempura ($10), eel ($10), monkfish liver ($13)
Tokyo Dining meals: Tempura selections include vegetables ($15), chicken ($20), shrimp ($22), scallops ($24); Non-tempura meals: Chicken ($20), salmon ($22), swordfish ($26), sirloin ($27), filet mignon ($30)

Marrakesh (World Showcase, Morocco.) Featuring intricate designs in walls and ceilings, this large restaurant tucked in the rear of Morocco serves traditional and modern food using ingredients found near the mouth of the Mediterranean. Musicians and belly dancers entertain over lunch and dinner.
Appetizers: Harira soup ($6), beef pastry ($8), chicken/almond pastry ($9), seafood pastry ($10), salad for two ($14), goat cheese bread ($14), combo for two ($17)
Lunch meals: Chicken kebab ($17), lemon chicken ($18), lamb ($19), shish kebab ($19), salmon ($22), sampler platter ($22)
Dinner meals: Couscous with five meat/vegetable options ($21 to $29), chicken kebabs ($25), lemon chicken ($26), lamb ($28), fish ($28), shish kebab ($29)
Desserts: Fruit/mint ice cream ($6), assorted baklava ($7), bastilla ($8)

Chefs de France (World Showcase, France.) Unlike other countries in World Showcase, France has two top-notch restaurants in deference to the country’s reputation for good food. The entrance to Chefs de France faces the lake and Bistro de Paris, located just above it, has an entrance in the rear. Chefs de France is the less expensive restaurant, but elegant nonetheless. It features less heavy sauces and lighter entrees than old-world French cooking. A price-fixed option includes a limited selection of soup or salad; chicken, short ribs, salmon, or macaroni; and crème brulée, ice cream, or mousse for $40.
Appetizers: Salads  ($6 to $11), onion soup ($7), lobster bisque ($7), cheese ($11), patés ($12), escargot ($12)
Meals: Macaroni ($19), vegetable lasagna ($20), chicken ($25), short ribs ($29), salmon ($30), scallops ($32), duck ($32), beef tenderloin ($35)

Bistro de Paris (World Showcase, France.) France’s second and best (most expensive) restaurant located above Chefs de France with an entrance at the rear of the building. Décor is an elegant 1910 nouveau style. Reservations highly recommended if you hope to get in. Bistro de Paris offers ala carte and a three-course option: shrimp/crab, squash soup, or escargot; sea bass, beef tenderloin, or pork; and chocolate almond cake or crème brulée. Cost is $54 without wine or $89 with wine pairing.
Appetizers: Squash soup ($12), salad ($12), salmon ($14), duck pate ($14), escargot ($15), tuna tartar ($15), cheese ($15)
Meals: Pork ($33), scallops/fish ($34), duck ($35), sea bass ($36), venison ($37), beef tenderloin ($39), rack of lamb ($40), lobster ($42)

Rose & Crown (World Showcase, United Kingdom.) The Rose & Crown is half traditional British pub and half elegant restaurant, with tables indoors and out. If dining during Epcot’s evening fireworks show, it also provides a great view.
Appetizers: Potato/leek soup ($4), salads ($7), Yorkshire pudding ($8), Scotch egg ($9), cheese ($10), shrimp ($10), combo ($16)
Lunch meals: Corned beef sandwich ($12), chicken sandwich ($13), hamburger ($13), sausage/cabbage ($15), Yorkshire pudding ($17), Vegetarian shepherd’s pie ($15), shepherd’s pie ($18)
Dinner meals: Vegetarian shepherd’s pie ($15), fish & chips ($16), sausage/cabbage ($16), Yorkshire pudding ($17), shepherd’s pie ($18), chicken ($18), stew ($20), surf/turf ($27)
Desserts: Toffee pudding ($5), fruit trifle ($5.50), tart ($5.50), lemon pie ($5.50), Scotch cake ($6)

Le Cellier (World Showcase, Canada.) Located at the base of a (fake) rock mountain, Le Cellier feels as if a bit of fine dining had been added to a Canadian outpost somewhere near the Rockies. Since Canadian and U.S. cuisine have similarities, it’s arguably the top restaurant in World Showcase for Americans who prefer a steakhouse to unfamiliar cuisine.
Appetizers: Cheddar soup ($5.50), tomatoes ($9), chicken/chipotle sausage ($10), duck meatballs ($11), crab ($11), mussels ($12), combo ($18)
Meals: Potato gnocchi ($19), pork chop ($24), salmon ($24), fish ($24), chicken ($25), prime rib ($29), Kansas strip steak ($33), NY strip steak ($35), filet mignon ($36), veal ($40)
Desserts: S’mores ($6), mousse ($6), sorbet ($6.50), maple crème brulée ($7), fruit soup ($7), cobbler ($7)

Fast-food restaurants

Electric Umbrella (Future World on right of fountain.) A fairly traditional theme park restaurant with salads, burgers, and lots of tourists passing the windows. Check the second floor, if opened, for a bit less hubbub.
Meals: Greek salad ($6.50), Caesar salad ($6.80), chicken nuggets ($7.80), meatball sub ($8.40), cheeseburger ($8.80), vegetarian burger ($9.80)
Desserts: Cookie ($2), fruit cut ($3.40), strawberry cheesecake ($3.60)

Sunshine Seasons (Inside The Land on right side of Future World.) For fast food, this is the top choice in Epcot if everyone wants something different. The food-court-style restaurant has a diversified menu, reasonable prices, and decent food. Five stations serve sandwiches, Asian noodles, soup and salad, grilled entrees, or baked goods; and quick items such as a side salad or fresh fruit can be removed from coolers. Families can order food independently but pay a single cashier on the way out.
Salads: Beets/goat cheese ($8), Caesar ($8.60), seared tuna ($10)
Main courses: Sweet/sour chicken ($10), Mongolian beef ($10), cashew chicken ($10), pork chop ($10), fish ($10), rotisserie chicken ($10)
Sandwiches: Reuben Panini ($9), turkey/cheese on ciabatta ($9), grill vegetable ($9)
Desserts: Baked goods ($2 to $3.60), yogurt ($3.60)

Cantina de San Angel (World Showcase, Mexico, left at entrance.) Fast food with lakeside outdoor dining. Guests scramble for the best tables because they offer a great view of World Showcase.
Meals: Nachos ($10), empanadas ($11), chicken tacos ($11), beef tacos ($12)
Desserts: Popsicles ($4), churros ($4)

Lotus Blossom Café (World Showcase, Japan.) Fast-food Chinese fare with dining tables reminiscent of a large porch – completely covered from the rain but with windows that open to the outside.
Meals: Sesame chicken salad ($7), orange chicken, beef noodles or rice, shrimp fried rice/egg roll, vegetable stir fry (each is $8.50).
Desserts: Cinnamon/apple egg roll ($2), smoothies ($4.65), red bean or caramel ginger ice cream ($3.25)

Via Napoli (World Showcase, Italy.) This is the place for pizza, located in the rear of the Italy section. A cheese pizza sells for $6.50 and mini cannoli (pastry) for $3.

Liberty Inn (World Showcase, United States.) Traditional theme park food and United States food appear to be the same thing.
Meals: Salad ($7), vegetable burger ($7.60), chicken nuggets ($7.80), hot dog ($8), barbecue pork ($9), burger with ham/bacon ($10)
: Brownie ($2.60), chocolate mousse ($3.40), rice treat ($3.50), apple dumping ($3.60)

Yakitori House (World Showcase, Japan.) Located on a hill in Japan, Yakitori House has dining tables inside and within a Japanese garden. Portions are adequate for most people but smaller than some fast-food options. It offers a limited selection of sushi from $8 to $9. Entrees include chicken, beef, and salmon teriyaki selections from $9 to $12, along with curry rice (8.50), shrimp tempura ($10), and combos ($10 to $13)

Tangierine Café (World Showcase, Morocco.) Featuring the Moroccan version of food common to the Mediterranean countries, Tangierine Café offers a sample of food on a single plate, including a vegetable platter with couscous salad, hummus, tablouleh, lentil salad and olives; meat platters that come with couscous salad, hummus, and tablouleh. All side dishes also served ala carte. Pastries such as baklava are served at a separate station along the side.
Meals: Platters of chicken ($12), lamb ($13), or a combo ($14); wraps of falafel ($9), chicken ($10), or lamb ($10); vegetable platter ($11), meatballs ($12), sliders comb ($14)

Yorkshire County Fish & Chips (World Showcase, United Kingdom.) It only offers one main entrée, but fish and chips count as a full meal, so this eatery makes it into the “fast food” section. Counter service restaurant faces the main walkway around World Showcase.
Meals: Fish & chips ($8.20) just chips ($2.70), or shortbread ($2)

Limited food and dessert

FountainView (Future World on right of fountain.) Ice cream concoctions with waffle cones, ice cream sandwiches, floats and more. Prices $3.30 to $5

Kringla Bakeri og Kafe (World Showcase, Norway.) Not a tough translation: bakeri = bakery. While sugar knows no boundaries, it specializes in Norwegian delicacies, such as icing-cover pretzels; and it’s worth a look even if you don’t buy. Also sells cold sandwiches with unusual combinations, such as salmon and cooked eggs. Prices vary.

Joy of Tea (World Showcase, Japan.) Outdoor vendor sells four types of hot tea ($3.20), two types of iced tea ($4.25), two types of tea slushies ($4.65), and seven types of alcoholic drinks ($5 to $7.50). Also serves ice cream ($3.25), BBQ pork buns ($4.50), curry chicken pockets ($4), and egg rolls ($4).

Refreshment Outpost (World Showcase in the rear on the left; not affiliated with a country.) Hot dogs ($6.80), fruit cup ($4.40), ice cream ($4), and slushies ($3.70)

Summerfest (World Showcase, Germany.) Small area in the back of Germany offers a handful of German favorites and a few covered and outdoor tables. In addition to beer and wine, it sells two sandwiches ($6.60), bratwurst and hot dogs, as well as two deserts: apple strudel ($3.60) and hand-twisted pretzels ($4.30)

Italian Gelato (World Showcase, Italy.) Ice cream in all its Italian glory. Cups and cones cost about $6. Exotic concoctions with things like raspberries, mango sauce, cookies and cream, and more go for $9.75.

Espresso Coffee & Pastries (World Showcase, United States.) Coffee, espresso, more ($3.75 to $5.25), and pastries ($3)

Funnel cakes (World Showcase, United States.) These fried baked goods with powdered sugar ($6) can be topped with chocolate ($7), fruit ($8), or ice cream ($8.25). Also served: fried ice cream ($5.50)

Kaki-Gori (World Showcase, Japan.) Essentially snow cones on steroids – really good snow cones – Kaki-Goris come in various fruit flavors ($3.30).

Patisserie (World Showcase, France.) A wide assortment of French pastries (Napoleon, éclair, and more), cold sandwiches/croissants (turkey, and ham and cheese,), and quiche.

Refreshment Port (World Showcase, on right side of main entrance.) Fast-food/no table stopover featuring empanadas ($4), fried shrimp ($7.20), ice cream ($4), smoothies ($4), and crispy chicken sandwiches ($9).

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