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Animal Kingdom dining

Disney Animal Kingdom dining Tamu Tamu sign

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has four general levels of dining: Full-service, fast food, limited food and dessert, and street vendors. Full-service restaurants are also full-service bars, and most fast food options offer beer. Location descriptions are based on proximity to Animal Kingdom’s central icon, the Tree of Life, located in the middle of the park. For a full explanation of in-the-park dining at Disney and how to turn this guide into a phone app accessible from within the parks, read Overview: Disney park dining.

Full-service restaurants

Rainforest Café (Outside main entrance on left) A non-Disney restaurant, Rainforest Café is unique to the Disney parks since it’s located outside the park – no admission required – yet doesn’t serve any other venue. The restaurant has a ceiling of leaves or fake rock to make the inside feel like the outside, and a wide range of moving, noisy animals. For kids, it’s like eating inside a Disney attraction, albeit one with animals that seem jerkier than, say, the country bears. Still, the thrill of a Rainforest Café meal relies as much on the show as the food. A second Rainforest Café is located in Downtown Disney.
Appetizers: Onion rings ($9), quesadillas ($10), pizza ($15.50), mixed sample ($19), and more
Salads/sandwiches: Soup (2 for $7), small salads (2 at $7), large salads (2 at $17), burgers ($13-$15), mushroom “burger” ($14), chicken sandwich ($15), barbecue ($15)
Seafood: Coconut shrimp ($22), Shrimp/scallops ($23), mahi mahi ($24), salmon ($25), and more
Meat: Chicken (3 styles $19), pot roast ($19), ribs ($22), NY Strip steak ($30), and combos
Pasta: Pizza ($15-$16), chicken Alfredo ($19), sausage marinara ($19), Cajun ($22)

Yak & Yeti Restaurant (Turn right at Tree of Life then bend left, directly inside entrance to Asia.) While the name and décor suggest Tibet, the food also reflects Chinese cities to the east. Wood, fabric, and copious statues of Gods give the smaller rooms an exotic feel.
Appetizers/salads: Wonton soup ($5), egg rolls ($8), wok-fried green beans ($8), pot stickers ($8.50), Thai wings ($9), seared tuna ($11), dim sum for two ($14), chicken salad ($15)
Entrees: Burger ($18), tamarind chicken ($20), tempura shrimp  ($20), mahi mahi ($22), duck ($22), seafood curry ($22), salmon ($23), ribs ($25), steak and shrimp ($25)
Wok and noodles: Lo mein ($17 to $18), honey or sweet-and-sour or bourbon chicken ($17.50), stir-fried beef and broccoli ($18)

Tusker House (Left at Tree of Life, on left inside Africa.) Billed as a “family buffet with an African flavor,” Tusker House has plenty of food for every taste, and main course meats from every major (domestic – no lions) animal group. It currently offers a character breakfast, meaning Disney toons in attendance, with standard buffets for lunch and dinner. The atmosphere recreates a small-town hotel snuggled in the bush country. Inside it has relatively large rooms rather than intimate dining.
Breakfast: $23 ages 10 and over, $13 ages 3 to 9
Lunch: $22 ages 10 and over, $12 ages 3 to 9
Dinner: $29 ages 10 and over, $15 ages 3 to 9

Fast-food restaurants

Pizzafari (A short walk left at Tree of Life.) Pizzafari serves pizzas and other items with a general Italian theme. On the surface, the building recreates the bright and upbeat colors of Africa, though some type of jungle theme can be found in all Animal Kingdom eateries. In the end, the No. 1 reason for going to Pizzafari is because someone in your part “feels like pizza.” Most tables are indoors.
Pizza: Pepperoni, vegetable, or cheese pizza; Italian sandwich ($8.50)
Salads: Caesar or antipasto ($8)
Desserts: Chocolate mousse or strawberry parfait ($3.60)

Flame Tree Barbecue (Right of Tree; in Dinoland make another right.) Ideal for barbecue lovers and those who enjoy eating outdoors (if the weather cooperates). All tables are outside, but they cover a wide expanse with intimate spaces and views of the lake or fountains.
Meals: Pork sandwich ($8.70), BBQ chicken ($9.70), ribs ($10.70)
Cold food: Fruit plate ($7), BBQ chicken salad ($8), smoked turkey sandwich ($8)
Desserts: Chocolate or Key Lime mousse ($3.60)

Restaurantosaurus (Right of Tree; in Dinoland make another right.) This is the classic theme park restaurant featuring burgers and more. In theory, it’s the cafeteria where the archaeologists digging fossils eat when they’re off work. It has large rooms decorated with maps, etchings and other things archaeologists enjoy. A toppings bar allows guests to customize their burgers.
Meals: Vegetable sub ($8.50), chicken nuggets ($7.90), salad ($8.70), cheeseburger ($8.80), shrimp sandwich ($9), kids’ hot dog ($6.50)
Desserts: Cheesecake in a glass or chocolate mousse ($3.60)

Anandapur Local Food Café (Turn right at Tree and bear left to entrance of Asia.) Chinese-style cuisine with outdoor seating. Side dishes include egg rolls ($2.50) and chicken fried rice ($4)
Meals: Chicken salad ($9) Honey or sweet-and-sour or Asian chicken ($10), orange beef ($11)
Desserts: Frozen lemonade or chocolate cake ($3.60)

Tamu Tamu (Left at Tree of Life just inside Africa.) Fast-food with outdoor seating.
Meals: Cheeseburger ($6.80), tuna pita ($8), turkey/Swiss sandwich ($8)
Desserts: Chocolate mousse ($3.60), milk shake ($4)

Limited food and dessert

Hot dogs and cones (Left of Tree of Life in Camp Minnie Mickey.) Hot dogs ($5), waffle cones ($3.60), strawberry shortcake ($3.60), worms ‘n dirt sundae ($4)

Funnel cake (Left of Tree of Life in Camp Minnie Mickey.) Fried caked covered in powdered sugar or cinnamon ($4.30) or topped with strawberries and whipped cream ($5.30)

Dino-Bite Snacks (Right of Tree, inside Dinoland make another right.) Four ice cream concoctions ($4.20 to $4.60), churros ($3), cookies ($2), chips ($2.70)

Anandapur food window (In Asia behind Anandapur Local Food Café.) A single window in dining area offers same, yet limited, food as Café next door – probably so diners can refill their beer without being inconvenienced. Chicken sandwich ($10), Mandarin salad ($9), four kinds of beer ($6) and two cocktails ($8).

Kusafiri Bakery (In Africa between Kilimanjaro Safaris and Tusker House.) An array of baked goods including turnovers, cinnamon rolls, muffins, croissants, bagels, Rice Krispie treats, cookies, brownies, yogurt, and assorted cupcakes. Prices run $2 to $4.

Snacks found in vendor carts throughout the park

  • Turkey legs. At the entrance to Dinoland and sometimes elsewhere.
  • Ice cream. Vendors sell popsicles and bars, including Mickey Mouse on a stick.
  • Candy.
  • Popcorn. Throughout the park.
  • Churros. Mexican-style cinnamon concoction.
  • Warm nuts. Cinnamon almonds and more.
  • Fresh fruit. One station is in Africa near Kilimanjaro Safaris.
  • Egg rolls. In Asia.
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