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Sea World survival guide

May 2013: Nothing tops Sea World’s daily schedule of events when planning your day. Pick up a copy at the gate. The five minutes it takes to study the schedule and compare it to the map can save a lot of backtracking during your hike around the lake. While no one can accurately create a […] Read more...

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Sea World

Shamu Sea World Orlando

May 2013: No other Orlando park focuses on the oceans like Sea World, and it has more shows and walk-through exhibits (aquariums) than rides. Still, Sea World’s two coasters rival the best at Islands of Adventure, and its water flume ride compares favorably to ones at Islands of Adventure and Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Sea World […] Read more...

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Orlando area golf

February 2013: Golf is a world unto itself. Information on a specific course should include a rating, statistics, insights, location, cost, style, and more. With many Orlando courses within 30 minutes of the tourist attractions, it’s a challenge for a single website to do them justice, much less a webpage. Rather than duplicate a complete […] Read more...

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Unsure travel insurance

Earforce One Walt Disney plane Hollywood Studios Orlando

January 2013: Is travel insurance a good idea? Maybe, maybe not. First, crunch some numbers. A tour package may have set cancellation penalties in the back of the brochure, but hotels can usually be cancelled within 24 hours. If you’re not traveling for four months, why take out insurance that covers a hotel? Make sure […] Read more...

Travel Guide


Chapter 1 “Maybe we should take the kids to Disney this year.” Why should I vacation in Orlando? When to visit: The challenge of crowds and weather Seven things to consider when planning a trip Chapter 2 “Will the car make it? We could fly.” A tour package makes it simpler, but is it your […] Read more...

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Why visit Orlando?

Lake Eola 7 swan boats

Once upon a time, Orlando tourism officials worried about competition from Las Vegas. Both cities have a reputation for top-notch, can’t-get-it-anywhere-else entertainment, and Las Vegas had just rolled out a family-friendly marketing campaign. Orlando officials figured that vacationers would consider both spots. That Vegas-versus-Orlando competition remains today as groups book conventions, since most industries know […] Read more...

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When to visit Orlando

March 2012: Pity the poor parents with kids. To avoid the thickest crowds, look at a school calendar. If the kids are in school, it’s a good time to visit. If they’re out of school, it’s not. In the busiest of busy times, the top parks – generally Disney’s Magic Kingdom – shut their doors […] Read more...

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Orlando guidelines

You want a great vacation. While most advice on this site focuses on saving money or time, this section goes a step beyond and suggests things to make it happy too. Consider the following: Top tip: Visit in the slow season. You’ll ride more and wait less. While other considerations count to most people, such […] Read more...

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Should I book a tour package?

The short answer: For convenience, yes. For price, no (with exceptions). A tour package should do what you want it to do. That means you should talk about your vacation first, pick the parks/attractions you want to see, and discuss where you want to stay coupled with what you can afford. Some people read the […] Read more...

Chapter 2, Planning an Orlando trip, Travel Guide

Getting to Orlando

If you stand beside Interstate 4, you swear everyone drives to Orlando. If you stand in the middle of Orlando International Airport, you swear everyone flies. If you stand in front of the Auto-train station, you swear everyone arrives by rail – and that they’re 70-years old. But at least you’ve got options. If coming […] Read more...