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Eating inside the Disney parks

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October 2011: Disney parks have four levels of dining: Full-service restaurants/buffets, fast food, limited food and dessert, and street vendors. Full-service restaurants These could be a sit-down restaurant or upscale buffet, which is arguably not “full service.” Due to its in-the-park location, however, don’t expect five stars. With the possible exception of some restaurants in […] Read more...

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Magic Kingdom dining

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October 2011: Disney theme parks have four general levels of dining: Full-service, fast food, limited food and dessert, and street vendors. The Magic Kingdom is the only Disney park that does not serve alcohol. Location descriptions are based on proximity to Cinderella’s Castle. For a full overview of park restaurant options, read Eating inside the […] Read more...

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Theme park dining

October 2011: It’s a love-hate relationship with eating in the theme parks. For many visitors, it’s fuel to keep going, and it makes little difference whether it’s a burger, hot dog, or piece of fried chicken. Many people snack their way through the day to avoid wasting time, gulping down a soda and gnawing on […] Read more...