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We like Orlando and assume website visitors are either planning a vacation or reminiscing about one. If we can’t share tips and insights, both good and bad, it’s not fun. We hope to make some money off the site but consider honest content the primary driver.

Who “we” are

Kerry: The writer. He worked as a travel agent, owned a travel agency in Central Florida, and wrote a Disney guidebook (hopelessly outdated) 12 years ago, Disney World for Mature Travelers, published by St. Martin’s Press. For a while, he also wrote feature stories for The Disney Magazine. For the past decade, he’s covered the Florida real estate market and now returns to his roots. He likes to write about this stuff.

Hector: The designer. He likes creating websites and building social networks. He enjoys organizing info so it’s easy to find by design or by search. He likes to bump a Google ranking higher, design a web page that looks attractive, and use other tools like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Hector also writes about the things Kerry doesn’t do – like surfing.

Our goal

The information we write on FAQOrlando™ is true to the best of our knowledge. We promise not to forget that tastes differ, and one visitor’s favorite ride is another visitor’s ulcer. Ragu spaghetti sauce cornered the market when it realized that “the one best spaghetti sauce” does not exist – every person has a different “best.” Ragu then introduced a range of sauces, from chunky to garlicky to original. We hope to do the same with an Orlando vacation by respecting personal preferences, slipping our opinions in only rarely, and allowing readers to cobble together their own “perfect vacation.”

We encourage suggestions – What topics should we add? How can we improve FAQOrlando.com™? What did we get wrong?

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