Planning an Orlando trip, Tips: Save money – beat crowds

4 things you must do before arriving in Orlando

Some people organize everything before an Orlando vacation – usually the same people who organize everything. Others “wing it” and just show up. This advice is for those who wing it: Don’t. Read more...

Tips: Save money – beat crowds



October 2014: The irony of technology: It makes life simpler only by making it more complicated. With that bit of philosophy stated, Disney’s new FastPass+ system, which is an improvement over the old Fast Pass process, now forces park visitors to plan ahead. Guests must make decisions before arrival to maximize success. You can still […] Read more...

Planning an Orlando trip

Top 10 reasons for visiting Orlando

Thunder Mountain RR

1. To stop the kids’ whining. 2. You have $2,000 to spend on a family vacation and you want the most bang for your buck. 3. The kids are getting older and you want one last blowout before they leave the nest and start families of their own. 4. You’ve gone to fantastic destinations for […] Read more...

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Sea World survival guide

Manta Dips

May 2013: Nothing tops Sea World’s daily schedule of events when planning your day. Pick up a copy at the gate. The five minutes it takes to study the schedule and compare it to the map can save a lot of backtracking during your hike around the lake. While no one can accurately create a […] Read more...

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Sea World

Shamu Sea World Orlando

May 2013: No other Orlando park focuses on the oceans like Sea World, and it has more shows and walk-through exhibits (aquariums) than rides. Still, Sea World’s two coasters rival the best at Islands of Adventure, and its water flume ride compares favorably to ones at Islands of Adventure and Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Sea World […] Read more...

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It’s official: More Harry Potter at Universal Studios

Hogwarts Express

solar panels for home May 2013: Universal Studios made it official that a second theme park section based on the Harry Potter books will open in 2014. And proving that the rumors are sometimes true, it will appear inside Universal Studios in the now-gone area where Amityville and the Jaws ride existed. Also confirming rumors, […] Read more...

Disney World, Resorts and hotels

Other Disney resorts

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April 2013:  Disney Villas At over $300 per night, villas contain more apartment-like amenities, such as microwaves and coffee makers. Most are part of Disney’s Vacation Club, which is Mickey’s version of a timeshare. If Disney offers a Vacation Club unit via its hotel reservation system, it means no Vacation Club member booked it that […] Read more...

Disney World, Resorts and hotels

Disney’s luxury resorts

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April 2013: Amenities – room size, resort layout, etc. – vary little with Disney’s moderate resorts and not at all with Disney’s economy resorts. Not so in the luxury category. Each resort offers a range of styles, room sizes, restaurants, and more. The Grand Floridian is undisputedly the most luxurious resort on Disney property – […] Read more...

Disney World, Resorts and hotels

Disney’s moderate resorts

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April 2013: While Disney’s economy resorts are identical, the moderate resorts are merely similar. Basic rooms in each have roughly the same amount of space and layout, with prices based on view; and none have the easy-park access of those on the monorail system. But the park commute from moderate resorts is, in general, shorter […] Read more...

Disney World, Resorts and hotels

Disney’s economy resorts

Disney economy resorts

April 2013: This choice is simple – all Disney’s economy hotels are the same. Almost. Rooms are the same size; check-in is the same; restaurants – cafeteria-style – are virtually the same. Key differences: Pools reflect the individual themes, as do giant fiberglass (maybe it’s plastic) renditions of smaller objects, such as three-story guitars, 40-foot […] Read more...